Bret Sheppard, Karen Patrick, Korey Lavoie ~ 09/29/16 ~Aquarian Radio ~ Debunking Debunkers

DEBUNKING DEBUNKERS – “Sending Debunkers back to De Bunkers” Aquarian Panel Discussion with Karen Christine Patrick, Reverend John Polk, Korey Lavoie and Bret Colin Sheppard. – Most people, especially when new to paranormal experiences are often crippled by criticism from cynic debunkers. Debunkery and ridicule is rampant on nearly all of alternative topics until they somehow make it to the mainstream. How do we handle debunkers in our lives, be they paid disinfo agents, contrarians, or pseudoskeptics? How do we deal with family or friends who are often our the most effective in shutting us down?–panel-discussion-with-karen-john-korey-and-bret





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