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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin & Karen Christine Patrick interview guest Jason Quitt on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (www.freedomslips.com), Sunday, August 28, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern.


Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II by John Titor, Bob Mitchell & Jason Quitt

Be prepared to have your mind blown.  Does the U.S. military have the ability to time travel?  Will the world as we know it end sooner than we think?  Has our timeline been changed without any of us knowing it?  Is there at least one off world Earth colony in existence?  Does the U.S. military have signed treaties with the Greys, the Reptilians and the Tall Whites?  Does the U. S. military have an elite group of genetically engineered cloned super soldiers?

John Titor II served as commander of the 177th Time Travel Division at Area 51 from the years 2030 to 2036. He has traveled beyond and back. His life story is told here for the very first time as he reveals the hidden truths behind humanity’s biggest cover-ups.

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Last time we discussed this book:

Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler
by Bob Mitchell (Author), Jason Quitt (Author)

As a multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason Quitt has experienced the past, the present and the future. From ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre and post apocalyptic future he has been a witness to our un-recorded history. Within the pages of “Forbidden Knowledge” you will learn who we are and how mainstream archaeologists, scientists and historians have been swept up in a fabricated storyline.


Bob Mitchell

Bob MitchBob Mitchellell is a Canadian author and journalist, who covered crime and sports for The Toronto Star for more than 35 years. He’s the author of seven books, including three UFO books. His first UFO book – “INCIDENT AT PLEASANT RIDGE – A CANADIAN UFO MYSTERY” was published in 2014. His second UFO book “INTRUSION-ALIEN ENCOUNTERS” was published in 2015. His latest book – “What if? Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind” was released in November 2015.

He is also an executive with MUFON Canada.

His other books include, “THE CLASS PROJECT-HOW TO KILL A MOTHER. It’s the story of Canada’s infamous Bathtub Girls, which was turned into the “Perfect Sisters” motion picture starring Abigail Breslin, Georgie Henley and Mira Sorvino. He is also the author of the true crime book “DEADLY DEFIANCE”- the story of a Canadian honour killing and “IN PLANE SIGHT:BEFORE 911” – the story of an American black militant, who was on the run for 30 years after pulling off the only successful airplane hijacking in Canadian history. He also wrote “GRAVE DECEPTION” – a murder mystery novel inspired by a true crime.

Mitchell also continues to be a freelance journalist and media consultant.

He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs talking about his UFO books and has spoken at numerous conferences and events, including the Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford, Ontario and the Rose City Paracon conference in Windsor, Ontario. Mitchell is currently writing another UFO book continues to shop a horror/thriller screenplay.

His website is bobmitchellauthor.simplesite.com

His twitter site is @ThePitBull123

Mitchell is also a co-founder of Toronto News Wire Services @TorNewsWire or tornewswire.com

Bob Mitchell can be reached via email at bobmitchellwriter@gmail.com or@ThePitBull123

Bob Mitchell
Freelance writer/media consultant
Co-founder of Toronto News Wire Services @torontonewswire
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Twitter @ThePitBull123
Cell 4168072922

Next on our show with Bob Mitchell on Sunday, May 1, 2016 on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (www.freedomslips.com).


What if the world we live in really isn’t what we think it is? Author, journalist Bob Mitchell poses that question in his new book – “What If? Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind.”

Mitchell presents an intriguing cast of Experiencers, including a woman who claims to be in telepathic communication with the Greys. They call themselves – the Ataracu. back of book

Mitchell has appeared on numerous late night talk shows, including Coast to Coast with George Noory and Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.

But ACE attendees will see for the very first time a 90-minute power point presentation that will portray the Greys in a way they have never before been presented.

Based on what “Cinta ej Narat” has told him, 

“Inside World of the Greys” – reveals for the very first time who they are, where they’re from, their society and political structure, their role in human evolution and why they are here.

Is Cinta correct? Is her take far fetched? Perhaps. But “What if?” she actually has a telepathic connection to them?

Jason Quitt

Jason Quitt

Jason Quitt

Website – www.thecrystalsun.com

Bio: Jason is a graduate of the Institute of Energy Wellness, and a student of Algonquin Shamanism, Jason has been training and working with many teachers, shamans, and traditional healers from around the world.

Jason is also the author and teacher of “Egyptian Postures of Power” & “The Yosef Codes” methods of personal healing and practice.  As a channeller of universal and dimensional energies of healing, Jason combines these methods and modalities of energy medicine, shamanism, and dowsing to assist those on their own personal paths of healing and enlightenment.

His new book is “Forbidden Knowledge – Revelations of a Multidimensional Time Traveler”



Contact & Consciousness

Awakened by other worldly beings at the age of 22, Jason has been on a non stop journey of discovery and initiation into higher streams of awareness through our past and our future. These beings have transferred much knowledge about our history, our place and evolution into our true self as multidimensional beings.

The messages given are of upmost importance for us to understand how we can take that next step in our journey. We also need to be aware of the influences that have been preventing us to make this jump in consciousness.  Who is responsible for the hijacking of our consciousness? Who has severed our connection to the “Great Spiders Web” of all universes? How can we reconnect ourselves to our divine blueprint and reclaim our sovereignty? Join Jason for this awakening discussion on contact & consciousness.

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