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Bio of Author, Paul Barbaro

Paul Barbaro is an author of four books, speaker, health researcher, and longevity coach. He studied Psychology, languages, education and has a BS degree from UC Riverside, California.

Paul is an “Angel Whisperer.” Paul channels your angels to help in your healing. He is an avid medical researcher. His strength is that he knows what he is looking for and does not quit until he finds it. Paul’s persistence keeps him looking only for those things that work consistently well. Paul’s healing system was given to him by two Native American (First Nation) Indian shamans. Paul had a thriving healing practice in 2008, and when he added this healing system to his practice, his healing results and client satisfaction went through the roof!

Throughout my journey I have come back to realize that true knowledge can only be uncovered from within myself; balanced by mind, body and spirit, driven by my hearts conscious expression for love towards all things. Few social remedies focus on balance.

Universal Hologram Programming book published under another title.
Please watch this video when you can;  A Global Healing Process that Works.
Resolving_Global_Conflicts_ 07-30-16

Here are some links, taught to me by two different Native American medicine men. I found the secrets to permanently healing early childhood trauma.  Please check out my 5th book on healing called, “Two Shamans and a Healer,” on Amazon. Here’s the “clickable” link to the book preview,

Below are short videos that are well worth your time!  Global Healing Process that Works.  Heal Chronic Pain Fast   Marissa Peer!  Pencils of Promise   The Answer to Cancer

I include these links here because “My people suffer for want of knowledge.”

If this is helpful, please do this next request for me. This is a link for Amazon’s preview of my third book on a learn-able and do-able healing method, “Heart to Heart Healing.” This is the Rolls Royce of Healing Technology! They display the core process of this book for your healing of early childhood trauma. Please check it out and if you like it and can use it, Please post a good comment (or review) on Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrist, and any other social media you’d like. I can use all the buzz you can generate.

Thank You and Great Health to you in advance! Here’s the link,

Paul Barbaro, Author and Health Researcher

Healing the MassesHow does one do that?

Paul Barbaro, is a noted South Bay author, energy healer and lecturer. A few years ago, Paul, realized that he needed to step up his healing to be able to heal whole groups of beings at one time. That is, one person gets a session and thousands are healed. That lead Mr. Barbaro to explore what he calls “Tribal Healing.”

All of Paul’s information is downloaded from his angels.

Paul admits, “I am simply a secretary to the angels. They give me the words and concepts to write.” “It’s their healing methods.”

“I simply test these healing methods out for their workability and I publish them.” Paul is on his sixth book entitled “Resolving Global Conflicts”, because Paul and his angels recognized a need for rapid resolution to the recent terrorist attacks in Europe.

It is obvious that past efforts for resolution have not been successful. Frankly, escalation of the situation is never the answer. Just this year, Paul was given the blueprint for what the angels call, “Holographic Re-Programming.” Where so many beings are healed that the Global Matrix shifts from conflict to resolution and from fear to love…

An ambitious project to say the least.



Please check out my 5th book on healing called,

Two Shamans and a Healer” on Amazon.

Here’s the link to the book review:




Resolving Global Conflicts: When You’re Ready for the Shift in 2016! Paperback – Large Print, February 3, 2016

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