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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin and Karen Christine Patrick interview Jeff L on “We the Anunnaki” on the Aquarian Radio Network (, from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time. Call in number is 646-649-0893 to listen live or chat. Show is available later on the archives.

Received information from CIA operative about Annunaki role in current events.
Coming global war between Annunaki Gods Enlil and Enki through their offspring Ninurta, who represents Russia, and Marduk who represents the United States.
2 years in South America researching ancient archeology.

Why do I want to build a temple of Marduk?
Where should this temple be built?
How did I learn this?
What happened in Soviet Russia?
What did I learn in US Army intelligence?
What happened in South America?
What did I learn from the study of ancient symbols.
How do I plan to achieve this goal?
What will happen if this temple is not built?
How do I know I am on the right path?

Anunnaki and Modern Society.

1021338055After serving in the Soviet Army, I became a refugee to the United States. I then served in US Army Military intelligence where I worked with a John Q. who worked for the C.I.A. John exposed me to the history of the Annunaki and their possible role in current events. He told me that they would soon return and begin a war with each other that would determine ownership of this planet. And because they own different World Territories, local populations will follow them in global war and further division of Earth!

He told me I should be prepared by studying as much as I could, and advised me to join a Masonic lodge. I have been studying history in general and Anunnaki history in particular ever since.

The last two years were spent in South America researching extraterrestrial history and ancient places including Tiahuanaku, Hayu Marka, etc., looking for evidence to support my studies. I experienced many strange things while in South America, which I like to share.

The compilation of my studies has led me to believe that the coming war will involve Russia, which is represented by Ninurta/Enlil, and the United States which is represented by Marduk/Enki.

I believe the Kremlin serves as a temple to Ninurta. Russia has it’s protection. I also believe that a temple to Marduk must be built in this country to receive full blessing and protection. Area 51 is only small part of this project!

If the war begins, and this Temple is not built, the United States will surely suffer severely! It’s not to late to do something! important in this direction! I hope, we will discuss about U.S. National Security further in personal meeting!

This and more we will cover on the next episode of “We The Anunnaki” on Aquarian Radio.

This is from Kremlin website:

  • There are 20 towers at the Kremlin, the most famous being the Spasskaya Tower, which has an old tradition surrounding it that people still follow today. When visiting the Kremlin, you must either go through the gates of the tower, or bow to it 50 times!
If you remember, 50 is the number of Ninurta and Enlil!
Shiva is Enki and symbol of Enki and symbol of wisdom is Serpent.
This is original picture of Shiva, notice, what colors is his Serpent – bottom yellow and top blue – same colors is Ukrainian flag, also Trident is Great Seal of Ukraine!
Ukraine is last serious stronghold in that area, surround by evil forces (russia)!
If Ukraine fallen – it’s be huge hit on Enki family territories, especially on United States!
Especially without Temple of Marduk!

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