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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Rev. John Polk interview guests Gillian DeArmond (1st hour) & Vennie Kocsis (2nd hour) on Aquarian Radio ( from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.  Call in number is 646-649-0893 to chat or listen live (or later in archives).


Gillian DeArmond Green cropped 2Gillian DeArmond Green was born clairvoyant in Yorkshire, England. Throughout her childhood and until the present she has spoken many times to her personal guide, whom she calls “David” and who is also know as “Hermes.” Over the years Hermes has taught her many things regarding the development of her spirituality. For many years she has taught metaphyics and done clairvoyant readings for others in the United States and abroad.

Gillian is an Anunnaki Experiencer, in contact with the Anunnaki since before birth.  Hermes was also known as the God Thoth or Ninghishzida, son of the Anunnaki God Enki, son of the King of Nibiru, Anu.

Chalice of the Dove Paperback – November, 1994 by Gillian Dearmond (Author)


Vennie Kocsis Photo unnamedMy name is Vennie Kocsis.  I am the author of Cult Child, a memoir based on my life growing up a sexually, mentally and physically abused child in Sam Fife’s  Move of God cult.  View the book trailer and order my novel and other publications by visiting my website:

I am a pensive authorpoetsong writer, singer, self taught acoustic guitarist, and sometimes, emotion vomiting artist.  My writing, poetry, music and art are the therapy by  which I have survived the abuse I suffered from the ages of three to fourteen years.  I call  the dark caves where the worst of my memories hide “My Shadowland”.   There are many  caves, and we are traveling through them all in this lifetime.

Vennie Kocsis Cult Child unnamedI am empathic and highly sensitive, understanding the very long journey through cult  recovery.  I am raw.  I am flawed.  I am vulnerable, and here without shame, to tell the true  story of my own childhood.  I am writing out the effects that this trauma has left on my family and my own children.  I write to survive, and I write for those who cannot find the words to tell their own  story.

It is 1973 Sila Caprin’s mother is recruited into a religious cult, “Sam Fife’s Move of God”. Within the year, Sila and her older siblings, Leis and Jeremy, along with all of the family’s belongings, are packed into the back of a U-Haul leaving California for their new home in Massachusetts. Eventually they will be taken deep into the Alaska tundra to a compound surrounded by miles of woods and monitored by armed men. Under the guise of Sam Fife’s violent teachings Sila endures physical, mental and sexual abuse as she fights to maintain just a glimmer of her own humanity. Sila is creative, intuitive and smart as she vies for individuality in a culture where she is insignificant and unprotected; until the day her sister becomes a victim of an act that in its sadness becomes their savior. Vennie Kocsis has composed a deeply moving novel poignantly portraying the pure will and ability that children use to cope themselves through trauma.



The Mermaid

They said they
Found her drowned
Below the galley
She had
Tried to
Scratch her way
Back to sea

And when they say
They mean

They say she
Was homesick
For the quiet
The way the water
Moved things slow
The way the starfish
Danced in the jellyfish glow

She couldn’t float
In this human world
Of capture and
Lack of concern
She could neither bear
The way they hurt
Nor wear the scars
Of so many broken hearts
The deceptions
The misconceptions
The ego and mayhem

Chained, she became
Irrelevant pieces
For the thirsty
Drank from
A well sucked dry
Until her eyes cried
Like a taste of her
Momentary decadence
Could make their pain die

What a farce they created
As her spirit was deflated
Her existence debated
In hookah lounges
By serious hounds

Without a care
They used
Created confusion
With their illusions
She floundered
Broken gills
She was left alone
To weep and feel

They say she looked
Peacefully asleep
The air moving curls
Once, she’d begged
Never to be
lain to rest in coffins
Or beneath earth
She couldn’t bear
To become dirt

They say they found her
Fingers bent and broken
From holding to the hoping
So long there was
A permanent curve
A bend of the wrist
Left from too much wishing

Still now in the silent dark
She bumps the bows
Reminders that you will
Fail at rowing her sea
And she sings songs
“Of the one who
Never owned me.”
Lilting tunes of bravery
For the Matadors
Who valiantly tried.

They say there rose a tide
The day she died
So powerful
New planets were birthed
As she returned to moon
Escaping earth

And now she watches
From a star beneath the sea
Where coral reefs
Glow geometric algae
She writes stories

Deep diving
She died a thousand
Human deaths
Returning into
Liquid lungs
She explores the depths

v.k poetry

IMG_2663-0.JPGIMG_9173.PNGIMG_8854.JPGMotherless Child

Cult Child (book trailer)

Published on Jun 27, 2014

“Cult Child”; the book trailer.

Click and watch to find out the plot.
available for purchase at:

Published on Aug 20, 2013
From her debut poetry c.d.,”Dusted Shelves; memoir of a cult child”, Vennie’s “Throat Lumps” takes you into the heart of a childhood shattered by violence and into the strength of a spirit that could never be broken. Visit: to purchase “The Dusted Shelves Experience”.

Published on Sep 24, 2014
Amy Call talks to South Bay IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) about her remarkable near-death experience in 2003. This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media.


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