Eric Dadmehr ~ 07/21/16 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Hosts Janet, Sasha, Karen

Eric Dadmehr Photo imagesHosts Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin & Karen Christine Patrick interview Erick Dadmehr on Aquarian Radio ( on Thursdays, June 21, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Eric Dadmehr received his BA in Fine Arts from UCLA in 1986 but kept studying his favorite topics and chose his concentrations to be in three areas: Indian, Pre-Columbian, and Islamic Art History. He also had a video company in Santa Monica for six years producing the 1989 classic Pilates video, “Carola Shares” in addition to producing industrial videos for Evian Water France. Living in Los Angeles (Santa Monica) for eight years he met many interesting people from around the world. He had a chance to speak with the astronauts “off the record” and even spoke with the Dali Lama about the Hollow Earth he called Shambala.

Eric grew up in Iran visiting many ancient sites and seeing monuments with cuneiform writing, orbs with wings, anthropomorphized animals looking humanoid, flying rugs, and Djinn. Some of his relatives are Persian Sufi Dervish Mystics who taught him how things really work and what protection is necessary before travelling and setting out on a new projects. When he came back to America in 1971, he soon entered the gifted program which included being tested at Lawrence Livermore and Stanford Research Laboratories. This “gifted” class was tested for psychic ability and their DNA was analyzed and stored. Let’s just say he is still figuring out what really is going on there. Eric took college classes at 12 years of age at the same time as he was in elementary school!

In 1980 at the Sacramento State he took Art History classes with a gifted teacher Dr. Kurt von Meier and studied everything he taught that was still preserved in Art since the books usually get burned. He transferred to UCLA from CSUS and several other colleges in between, to study with many other really great teachers from around the world and then received his BA in Fine Arts in 1986 but stayed until 1992 while also studying “Mixed” Martial Arts through the Academy Bruce Lee started with Guru Dan Inosanto. September 1992 he came back to his birthplace Sacramento to channel energy and help Humanity the best way he knows how, through education. He met his best teacher in 1998, his wife Helen Catherine McPherrin, and married her following year in 1999. She has taught him new levels of patience and discipline.

Eric met New Humanity Movement founder Commander Saeed David Farman while going to UFO Conventions in Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s and shared the same interests in the UFO Movement and then reconnected online when searching for “11:11” links finding his old website Eric was inspired by Saeed’s teachings since he encouraged him to come forward and take lead speaking in his events and others past 5 years in addition to being the official MUFON M/C for Northern California. He has attended all “Contact in the Desert” (Draco) Conferences and worked behind the scenes as a Paranormal Psychic Investigator with Christina George and Jennifer Newell’s PPRS in addition to his own private investigations.

Since he is host and M/C with many speaking friends, he has brought many important people together being a catalyst for positive change while sharing his contagious “Activation” energy to help open portals and balance energies/polarities. He uses several tools for healing including Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks, the Violet Ray of Tesla, I-Ching, and physical therapy “mixed” massage. His pet peeves are Cancer lies, aspartame, sodium fluoride, GMOs, Chemtrails, Smart meters, cellphone radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, cellphone tower radiation, and Fukushima radiation. Please “like” Eric the Healer’s page on Facebook, and friend him as Eric Dadmehr on and as well.

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