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Author Louisa Oakley Green SQUAREHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Rev. John Polk interview Louisa Oakley Green on Friday, July 1, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on Aquarian Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio).  Call in number is 646-649-0893. Listen live or later in the archives.

Louisa Oakley Green didn’t believe in psychic phenomena when she met her husband, Stephen. But more than twenty years later, her views have changed. This book chronicles her journey from skeptic to believer through more than 100 paranormal stories involving her husband, his family, and friends.

A scribe for several decades, her passion for the written word is evidenced in a career that has included working as a newspaper reporter, humor columnist, health magazine editor, public relations manager, advertising copywriter, medical writer, and finally, executive creative director of a digital advertising agency. These days, she earns her living as a freelance writer.

Louisa Oakley Green BookCoverA graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Journalism, she has also studied college biology, biochemistry, and anatomy in support of her medical writing. In addition, she spent two years learning how to draw up and interpret traditional astrology charts through the Faculty of  Astrological Studies in London. Her work and interests maintain a curiosity-inspired balance between science and mysticism.

Take your listeners on a tour through the mystical territories of the human experience—from premonitions and near-death adventures to contact with the dead—in a discussion of Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country, the award-winning book by Louisa Oakley Green:
  • When Barb went house hunting, she found more than she bargained for in one of the properties she visited
  • Christine peered into her daughter’s room one day to discover that her child’s invisible friend was real
  • Though blind, following a near-death experience, Lori could clearly see two ghosts standing at the foot of her bed
  • Linda dreamed that there would be a shoot-out at a local bar—and that may have been what saved her life the next night
  • Peter found out that sometimes dead people pay their debts

Louisa Oakley Green IRDA stcikerSightseeing in the Undiscovered Country also highlights several recent scientific studies into consciousness, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and more.

  • Find out the 5 reasons why ghosts inhabit areas based on what a paranormal researcher observed over 25 years of investigating house hauntings
  • Learn why house hunters may want to ask their real estate agents if the home they’re viewing is a “stigmatized property.” Find out what that term means and how you could end up with more residents than you bargained for if you don’t do some paranormal research before your house closing
  • Explore why your mother’s chicken soup may actually having healing properties based on a double-blind study in Taiwan that assessed the effect of drinking tea blessed by Buddhist monks versus an unblessed placebo tea
  • Find out why the United States Air Force conducted studies on a growing number of pilots who had out-of-body experiences when their advanced jets traveled at G-force speeds that may exceed human consciousness
  • Discover what researchers at the University of Virginia found when investigating thousands of children who remembered past lives—and what they learned when they followed up to verify those previous existences
  • Find out how university and medical studies have established a convincing case that consciousness may reside outside of the body, just as the voices we hear on our cellphones are transmitted, not generated, by the device we hold in our hands
  • Discover how ancient cultures not only had midwives for birth but also soul midwives for death—and why that tradition is being revived around the world

Louisa Oakley Green NIEAseal-2014-Finalist-Hi-ResAn award-winning science writer and journalist, Louisa Oakley Green became interested in paranormal phenomena when she married her psychic husband more than 20 years ago. The former skeptic has worked as a newspaper reporter, public relations manager, and creative director. A University of South Carolina journalism graduate, Green also studied science for medical writing in New Jersey and traditional astrology in London. She previously published one other book, Loitering at the Gate to Eternity: Memoirs of a Psychic Bystander. Her work and interests maintain a curiosity-inspired balance between science and mysticism.

To learn more, go to psychicbystander.com.

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