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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Joanna L. Ross on Divine Paradigm on KCOR Radio ( from 5;30 to 7:00 PM Eastern time. This show has been postponed to a later date.

Joanna L. Ross

Joanna2014#1Joanna L. Ross was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia inspired by all facets of life around her. She relocated to Vancouver in her twenties where she worked for a number of years at various public and private sector jobs, but was always drawn to the mysteries and wonders of life. Her conscious shift to metaphysics came after the birth of her second child. A series of soul-wrenching dreams impelled her to recognize her innate psychic abilities. After being prescribed to meditate as a way to make peace with her dreams, she was spun into a path of exploring and entangling with the world of energy beyond what can be physically seen. Joanna was awakened to her spirit guides, multi-dimensional, and energetic beings of a myriad of forms and species in her higher states of consciousness. Over the years, these cosmic friends and family began to introduce themselves in the sky and would be with her throughout her daily life and worldly travels. The elegance of this incredible and vast Universe and all of its offerings is truly Joanna’s calling to explore and disseminate the potentials of this vast cosmos and Universal majesty. Joanna was spun into the unfathomable and sometimes unexplainable process of ascension.

Joanna’s first remembrance of contact with her celestial family was at the age of five, which left a lasting and very loving impression upon her, and was the ignition to fuel a devoted path to explore all that this infinite Universe could offer. The profound synchronistic events that ensued intensified her desire to understand the multi-dimensional realms she experienced during meditation, and marked the beginning of her infinite path as a student of the Universe. Joanna now lives a harmonious life in Calgary, Alberta with her family. In gratitude, she is inspired to share, educate, and enlighten those who desire to understand ascension, Universal Laws, and the greater Universal family that humanity is now awakening to. Joanna inspires and teaches the elegance of preparing for expansive entanglement with our multi-dimensional family, the world beyond earth’s atmospheric borders, and the stirring of Source within all life.

Today, Joanna is the founder of Universal Unity. She is also an Intuitive Visionary, Public Speaker, Esoteric Wisdom teacher, Author, and Ambassador for Universal Unity. In the process of ascension, we not only gain a greater understanding of the Universe and our role within it, we also gain insight into our expansive multi-dimensional celestial families and the spiritual path we walk as a collective upon Gaia. Joanna offers the Universal Unity platform as a portal to all things that relate to our insatiable curiosity to heighten our awareness, grow in love and light, and create the frequency for a new 5th dimensional earth.

Universal Unity

Ascension, First Conscious Contact, New Earth

Outline ~ 2hrs by Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Author, Ambassador for New Earth, Public Speaker

Main Topics;

Human Ascension, Planetary Ascension, First Conscious Contact, Enhancing Multi-Dimensional Entanglement & Visitation ~ learn how to align, enhance, and unleash your unlimited aspects so that you can fully engage and entangle with our ever-expanding reality.  We are moving, ascending and expanding into new frequencies and those on the path of ascension and wonderment, see life in every way shifting and changing.  These ascension attributes and awakening within humanity will allow us to prepare not only our physical bodies for first conscious contact, but to also align our energetic field to expand into a newly accelerated planetary bedding.

Understanding the multi-dimensional aspects that allow humanity to tap into the heightened frequencies of our celestial family, and enhance lightship engagement. Human intrigue and desire to engage more fully with our celestial teams and family have been on the rise, and as planned by the auspices of Source through various Councils within Creation, Gaia and humanity is right on track for cosmic expansion.  Gain insight on this profound wave that has washed over planet earth and what it means for our everyday living and the future potential for each person choosing to tap into these incredible frequencies.

Know more about the process of lightship engagement and what it has to do with our evolution.  Et’s, lightship sightings and engagements, first contact, and human evolution is entangled in the most profound and quantum manner.  What does this mean for you and how to create the essence of unity and intimacy with life and Creation once again.  Entangle with your true multi-dimensional reality, existence, and even learn to tap into the presence and help that our celestial teams provide to every human being. Manifest the life you truly desire, entangle with your celestial team, your spirit guides, your Higher Self, humanity, Gaia, and Creation to experience the magical essence, the profound synchronicity that is our 5th dimensional human potential.

Climb aboard as we step up into a glowing 5th dimensional reality.  Joanna’s passion is to create, inspire and build expanded understandings and concepts about what human and planetary ascension is and how it affects every aspect of our reality.  Joanna will not only bring to the surface experiences that most of us have that tickle our senses to ‘go within,’ but she will connect the dots on why these ‘experiential triggers,’ occur and what it means to your soul blueprint.

These are truly profound times and if you are sensing our reality is shifting, then you won’t want to miss this ‘master activation’ and higher learning presentation.  Awaken aspects of your soul blueprint and unleash your Divine purpose to come ‘online,’ so that we may entangle and engage with Source, Creation, and our celestial family once again.   Our current earthly, planetary, and collective changes are all an attribute of the refined frequencies that are being streamed to humanity and earth for the ascension shift in the coming years.  Tune in now to align for these incredible shifts and 5th dimensional potentials.

Tap into what all of this means and how to better understand your changing body and daily experiences.  Ascension is the ability to unleash your unique human potential and the ability to create the frequency where cosmic contact can be made with our celestial star families. This movement is more that mere ‘trend,’ it will allow humanity for the first time ever, to step up into the frequency that can bring about scientific innovations, abundance, toxin-free food, healthy water, healthy soil and air, and even increase life expectancy.

Enlightenment, awakening, ascension, whatever it is that you desire to call the profound changes we see in every aspect of our reality, is all about humanity tuning in to the unlimited potential to be our most infinite and Divine self.

All of this is possible as we tap into the infinite potential of the Divine encoding and profundity within. We are truly master creators and there has never been a lifetime to manifest heaven upon earth like these accelerating times we are all co- creating now.

About Joanna Ross

Joanna, Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth, Public Speaker, and Author, has been on her ascension path after an awakening occurred close to 9 years ago, after the birth of her daughter.  Her intense journey of self-discovery, mystical unfolding, and her reuniting with greater conscious awareness, her spirit guides, celestial teams, and ever-heightened awareness to the Universal energies that rule our reality experience, all stones in the path has lead her to this incredible here and now ascension offering.

Joanna offers private and group ascension, higher vibrational enlightenment, self-empowerment, first conscious contact, enhancing multi-dimensional understanding and communication, and other transformative events in which the participants gain in-depth insights and wisdom about Universal energy, human potential, and the grander perspective about our earthly experience in human form.

We are being prepared in every way to entangle, engage, and inspire a new level of human~Creation intimacy and it begins with our journey within.  Join us in the many expansive offerings as we gather within our soul families to assist in healing humanity, healing Gaia, and inspiring a new level of engagement within our Universal experience.

The successful ‘extraordinary,’ event, ‘First Conscious Contact,’ events are the first of its kind and will allow those inspiring for a deeper entanglement with all aspects of Creation, a new forum to gather and expand within.

Prepare for what is being offered from the Divine, for it is your birthright to unfold in this way. There is so much more to the human experience and our earthly existence than we ever thought.


book, ‘5th Dimensional Consciousness, Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact,’ we are excited to tap into the energy of ascension, new earth frequency, and how we can unleash our highest potential in this lifetime and rediscover our link with Source, Creation, and our cosmic life.

Join us as we explore this exciting discussion and cosmic dialogue to awakening your profound potential to rise up to the 5th dimensional frequency where unlimited possibilities await.

Join us for this 5th dimensional event of the summer!  Understand what personal and planetary ascension have to do with lightship sightings, and our potential to manifest first conscious contact within the next nine years.  Our planet has been moving through a profound energetic shift that has enabled many beings that have contracted to awaken and take part in this frequency alteration from 3rd to 5th dimensional resonance.

An ascension of this level has been instructed from the highest levels of our Universe, the multi-verse, and in the next two years, our society will show signs of reconstruction in every arena within our systems we have been conditioned to live within.


My 3rd book = ‘The Dance with Creation’ is due out on Amazon any day now.

5th Dimensional Consciousness: Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact Paperback – August 8, 2015

joanna l. ross books


5th Dimensional Consciousness: Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact shares key understandings about the shifts and changes we all see, experience, and know to be true as Gaia moves through planetary ascension. By tapping into this new energy, it is created and triggered from within. The pineal gland, along with various other physical components create the doorway for us to experience the expanded growth that is required for us to move up with Gaia, from 3rd to 5th resonating frequency. In this ascending process we release, shift, and alter all that we are. We let go of old beliefs and unlock our true, hidden potential, allowing us to unite and build the bridge to the greater cosmos. Your ascension begins here.




 Ascension Path Work: A Pocket Guide Paperback – January 16, 2016

booksBannerJRossIn response to the overwhelming number of new awakenings upon Gaia, and with each and every new awakening, the electromagnetic energy spurs even greater potential for others to seek their own light. Our planetary awakening and ascension are the most pure examples of the ‘snowball’ effect; however, at this time, it is best described as the ‘illuminated galactic human’ effect. There have been many secrets kept from humanity as a whole since the beginning of our lives upon Earth, but we are now ready to step up into our ‘new truth.’ There is no greater force than Source essence revealed as a result of daily path work and inner seeking, and in this, there is no stronger vibration and power to create and manifest a true harmonic change.

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