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Jonathanyoung_profile_picHosts Janet Kira Lessin and Karen Christine Patrick interview Jonathan Young on Saturday, May 28, 2016 from 8 to 9 PM Eastern time on Call in number is 646-649-0893.

Jonathan Young PhD is a featured commentator on Ancient Aliens. His main scholarly work has been as founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives (which involved collaboration with George Lucas and Lucasfilm). He assisted Campbell for years at seminars and has lectured on Campbell’s work at major academic conferences around the world. Dr. Young is a psychologist and professor, whose main area is personal mythology. His books and articles focus on using stories and movies for self-understanding. His film script advising includes After Earth with Will Smith.  In addition to appearances on several series for the History Channel, he has been featured on the SyFy Channel, the BBC, CBS 48 Hours, Unsealed, In Search Of… and radio programs that focus on unexplained anomalies, including Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.


While Jonathan may not be up on all the theories, sightings or historical themes discussed on Ancient Aliens shows, he brings to the table a psychological angle and some mythological parallels.  Jonathan is going to be at Contact in the Desert, where he highlights the themes he explores in his presentations for the conference. His focus is on alien contact in key movies. Since The Force Awakens was such a bit hit, he discusses how the whole Star Wars series reflects our deep interest in worlds beyond Earth.

The movies he focuses on at the conference are: Avatar, Contact, 2001, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and After Earth. Others that might get mentioned are: Alien, Cocoon, Stargate, Galaxy Quest, The Abyss, K-Pax, Men in Black and Starman.

His web site is

Dr. Jonathan Young is a psychologist and storyteller ~ who is frequently seen on the History Channel as an expert commentator. He is a regular on the Ancient Aliens series.  He assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell for several years at seminars ~ and was as the Founding Curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library in Santa Barbara. His articles and books focus on personal mythology. He also has a home-study audio course on The Wisdom of Mythic Stories.

As a professor, Dr. Young created and chaired the Mythological Studies Department at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara ~ where he now teaches in distance-learning graduate programs.

His early background led directly to his current work. He developed his deep love of stories through extensive initial exposure to folklore. He was one of six children in a much-travelled family. His parents read and discussed the lore of each place they visited, so he learned about The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, The Pied Piper in Hamlin, The Arabian Nights in Bagdad, The Life of the Buddha in India and Japan, and so forth.

Dr. Young lives in Santa Barbara when not traveling to give presentations on the mythic imagination. You can check his website at Jonathan is with us today to discuss how contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence is presented in movies.
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Sample questions:

~ How did you become part of the Ancient Aliens series?

~ How is your point of view different from the other experts that are on the series?

~ You worked closely with noted mythologist Joseph Campbell. Are there theories from mythology that help us understand alien visitations?

~ You are a psychologist. Do you see the alien events from a psychological perspective?

~Why is there such great interest in alien encounters at this moment in history?

~ On the Ancient Aliens series you said reports of extraterrestrial visitations had religious significance. What did you mean by that?

~ As a storyteller do you appreciate the dramatic quality of the encounters?

~ Did Carl Jung have any comments on the sightings?

~ Your books focus on personal mythology. What would the meaning of an alien experience be in terms of someone’s life story?

~ What do you think of encounters with beings of superior intelligence?

~ What do you make of the conspiracy theories?

~ Are there old stories you wish they would use in the series?

~ Are people who have not followed Aliens phenomena missing out? Is there any reason they should be interested? What could be in it for them?

Promotional questions ~ (whenever).

~ You travel widely giving lectures and workshops. What do you cover?

~ You have some books out. What are they about?

~ What is on your website?

~ You have a home-study course. What is it?

There are many big movies about contact with Extra-terrestrial intelligence. Do they matter?

Star Wars ~ The Force Awakens is an enormous hit. Do you think it is more than an action movie?

What do you think of the mentor figures? Is Maz Kanata the new Yoda? Do these wise aliens stand-in for the possible visitors from beyond Earth?

Is Supreme Leader Snoke an example of a dangerous alien?

What else can we learn from this intense film?

Avatar is one of the biggest box-office successes of all time. Does it present themes that teach us how we see ETI?

Is there any wisdom we can draw from Avatar?

Contact with Jodie Foster is a classic Alien encounter story. Do you think it holds up?

What lessons can we draw from other films, like 2001~ A Space Odyssey,

ET ~ The Extra-Teresstrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, After Earth, Alien, Cocoon, Stargate, Galaxy Quest, The Abyss, K-Pax, Men in Black or Starman.





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