BARBARA HARRIS ~ 05/11/16 ~CONTACT IN THE DESERT – with Janet, Karen, and Rev. John

Barbara-Harris-1Barbara Harris is a local historian who has researched Giant Rock and The Integratron for well over 30 years. As a former president of the Morongo Basin Historical Society she has combined her business skills in computer graphics with her knowledge of the desert into a unique form of storytelling. When she is not out roaming the desert you can catch her doing volunteer work for local non-profits and presenting lectures about the folklore and legends of the desert.


From the New York Times:

IN THE WEE HOURS of Aug. 24, 1953, George Van Tassel, a 43-year-old former aviation engineer, was awakened by a man from outer space. Six years earlier, Van Tassel had moved with his family to Landers, Calif., a place of stark beauty and rainbow sunsets in the southeastern corner of the Mojave Desert, 40 desolate miles due north of Palm Springs.

Van Tassel had the clean-cut look of a midcentury company man, and a résumé to match: He had worked for Lockheed and Douglas Aircraft, and for Howard Hughes’s aviation concern. But his spiritual leanings were esoteric. He settled in Landers because of its proximity to Giant Rock, an enormous seven-story-high desert boulder in whose shadow he would sit silently for hours at a stretch. He told friends that he went to Giant Rock to commune with the spirits of American Indians, who had regarded the boulder as sacred.



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