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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago on Divine Paradigm on KCOR Radio ( from 5:30 to 7:00 PM Eastern time.

On this show we address all the proposals that are aimed at reducing toxicity and promoting innovation (see


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Global Abolition

The President should lead an international campaign to free the world’s 27 million slaves.

Banking Reform

The President should require the banks that were saved by the people to do right by the people.

Banning Chemtrails

The President should issue an Executive Order banning all chemtrail spraying by US agencies.

Police State

The President should dismantle the tyranny being brought down around the American people.

Defense Policy

The President should only use force to defend the country and oppose crimes against humanity.

Economic Boycott

The President should organize international economic boycotts to end barbaric acts by nations.

Ending Homelessness

The President should implement nationally Utah’s plan of providing the homeless shelter first.

Ending Hunger

The President should create a federal system of food banks distributing expired grocery store food.

Equal Rights

The President should act decisively to provide equal rights to women in the US work force.

Foreign Aid

The President should end foreign aid to all countries and use the money to aid Americans in need.

Banning Fluoride

The President should ban fluoride from the American water supply on the grounds it is a toxin.

Genetic Integrity

The President should act decisively to protect the integrity of the global genome from ruin.

Health Care

The President should seek to create a comprehensive, single-payer health care insurance program.

Immigration Reform

The President should impose a temporary, across-the-board moratorium on immigration.

Monetary Reform

The President should abolish the Federal Reserve and begin printing United States Notes.

First Nations

The President should seek $100 billion to improve living conditions for Native Americans.

Nuclear Policy

The President should seek a moratorium on nuclear power until nuclear plants are made safe.

Nutritional Reform

The President should fight “diabesity” with a focus on the glycemic index of the American diet.

Police Brutality

The President should end the epidemic of police violence through federal prosecution of local police.

Superpower Cooperation

The President should pursue a policy of “constructive engagement” with the nation of Russia.

Opposing Transhumanism

The President should seek legislation protecting the sanctity of human life from transhumanism.

Peace Economy

The President should spend half of the defense budget on elements of the peace economy.

Religious Tolerance

The President should promote tolerance towards adherents of the major monotheistic religions.

Medical Ethics

The President should uphold medical ethics and protect the right to not be vaccinated.

Legalizing Narcotics

The President should end the war on drugs legally and begin a war on addiction medically.

Freedom Sharing

The President should extend the protections of the Bill of Rights to foreign nationals in America.

Military Justice

The President should seek to place military justice under the federal district courts.

Livable Wage

The President should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour so as to establish a livable wage.

Forest Protection

The President should rescind the “let burn” policy and return to traditional forest fire fighting.

Social Security

The President should protect Social Security from being cut, privatized, or eliminated.

Opposing Fascism

The President should abolish the post-9/11 agencies of repression of the American people.

Reducing Toxicity

The President should launch a new program to remove toxins from the air, water, and land.

Congressional Reform

The President should put before the American people a plebiscite to reform the US Congress.

Electoral Integrity

The President should protect the electoral process from both candidate fraud and voter fraud.

Online Liberty

The President should protect the right of the people to be free from spying by the government.

Gun Control

The President should sponsor gun control prohibiting gun ownership by the violent and mentally ill.

Presidential Dignity

The President should restore dignity, honor, and reserve  to the Presidency by his own example.

Electoral Reform

The President should abolish the Electoral College but restore paper ballots to prevent digital scams.

Presidential Eligibility

The President should introduce legislation defining “natural born” citizen under Art. 2, Sec. 1, Cl. 5.

Decriminalizing Marijuana

The President should decriminalize marijuana and launch an initiative to exploit its many positive uses.

Corporate Democracy

The President should pass legislation to democratize major corporations doing business in America.

Economic Democracy

The President should foster the Five Givens: food, shelter, health care, education, and employment.

Demanding Philanthropy

The President should urge America’s billionaires to build a bold, new national system of solar roads.

Coastal Defenses

The President should fortify our coastal and territorial defenses from terrorist infiltration and attack.

Mentoring Compassion

The President should inspire a dispirited nation by being the leading example of compassion-in-action.

Public Water

The President should make the right to water a civil right and the privatization of drinking water illegal.

Good Neighbors

The President should begin a new guest worker program allowing Mexicans to work in America.

Ending Fracking

The President should ask Congress to make the natural gas exploration technique “fracking” illegal.

Military Preparedness

The President should ask the Secretary of Defense to assess the fitness of America’s citizen soldiers.

Promoting Self-Reliance

The President should ask Congress to legalize all forms of self-reliant natural resource management.

Banning Aspartame

The President should ban aspartame, also known as Nutrasweet, as a dangerous dietary toxin.

Political Representation

The President should ask Congress to make five inhabited US territories states of the United States.

Dolphin Protection

The President should ask Congress to protect dolphins and halt US naval activities harmful to dolphins.

Academic Debt

The President should declare a federal debt jubilee in which all academic debt would be forgiven.


Tesla Teleportation

The President should set as the nation’s chief technical goal achieving global teleportation.

Grid Security

The President should spend $2 billion to retrofit the US electrical grid against an EMP event.

Energy Independence

The President should seek energy independence via solar and wind energy development.

Energy Innovation

The President should address peak oil by launching a crash effort to find  a new energy source.

New Energy

The President should make America the world’s leader in cold fusion research and development.

Food Security

The President should build desalination plants in California to preserve our food security.

Disaster Planning

The President should act to craft a national disaster plan responsive to looming Earth changes.

Guaranteed Income

The President should seek to fund a Guaranteed Minimal Income for all American citizens.

Park Safety

The President should require the National Park Service to create a missing persons database.

Participatory Democracy

The President should put before the American people a vote to end the political parties.

One Tax

The President should seek a bold and revolutionary new tax plan predicated on the One Tax.

Internet Legality

The President should call for the creation of an Internet court for claims arising online.

Primary Caregivers

The President should create a subsidy program for primary caregivers of family members.

Power Sharing

The President should propose that Southern Hemisphere nations join the UN Security Council.

Federal Wireless

The President should promote a federal wireless network that is free, fast, and universal.

Protecting Humans

The President should extend environmental protection to human beings in their environment.

Federal Planning

The President should create a nationwide regime of federal land use planning in America.

Greening America

The President should promote new measures intended to achieve the greening of America.

Education Innovation

The President should ask the Department of Education to launch a digital textbook program.

Presidential Outreach

The President should begin a tradition of upon being sworn in contacting all foreign heads-of-state.

Technical Proficiency

The President should ask the Office of Technology Assessment to investigate the computer industry.

Internet Neutrality

The President should introduce Internet neutrality legislation to make the Internet free for all users.

Space Security

The President should expand the US presence in space to protect us from planetary catastrophe.

Global Awakening

The President should go before the United Nations and urge a world of universal human prosperity.

Police Monitoring

The President should sponsor legislation making technical surveillance of the police required by law.

Reviving Manufacturing

The President should launch an urban and technical renewal project focusing on Detroit, Michigan.

Security Innovation

The President should fund smart filter technology to eliminate abuse from the TSA screening process.

Intellectual Development

The President should foster global development by promoting daily per capita egg consumption.

Alternative Media

The President should shun the mainstream media as incompetent and embrace the alternative media.

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