Steven D. Kelley Show ~ 04/28/16 ~ Interviews Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

The week following this show, I am going to have Sasha Alex Lessin, (on 04/28/16) who has his PHD in anthropology from UCLA, and is an expert on all thing Sumerian, Annunaki, and Sitchin. What I start here, I plan to follow with an even more comprehensive look at the mythology, reality, and the connection to modern religions, and historical beliefs. We will hope to understand the ancient roots of agenda 21, and how this is all related to our wars, and space programs.

American Freedom Radio's photo.

American Freedom Radio

The World’s oldest book still available today. Possibly written before the flood, translated to every culture over thousands of years. New lines still being recovered today. Among the invaluable artifacts looted from Syria, and Iraq. By understanding the ancients, we can understand the motivations that still linger today in the form of hatred and genocide. The original accounting of a flood and the construction of an escape vessel. Much more detailed than Genesis. Join me as I explain, read, and analyze this important text.

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