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MikePic001Hosts Janet Kira Lessin and Karen Christine Patrick interview experiencer Michael Davis on the Experiencer’s Network, Friday, April 14, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio.
Michael Davis is from Marin/Sonoma Counties, California and is the author of the book Falling Sky. “Falling Sky” covers years of Michael’s Alien Abduction Experiences which began happening at age 4 ½ and he still has contact today.
Mike was 4 1/2 when his first encounter with aliens took place. Though he didn’t know exactly what he had seen, he was certain that he had witnessed something out of this world. Realizing that no one would believe him, he decided to just forget about it; little did he know how this experience would haunt him later on in life.

As Mike aged and reached his teens the aliens continued their visits many times leaving a visible presence on him as he grew into a young adult. 16 years had passed since his first visit and Mike then lived on a small farm with his wife and daughter in Petaluma, California. His life changed abruptly when the aliens returned and continually repeated the abductions and he began learning the true reasons behind these abductions.

Mike and his family are illegitimate products of The Holy Roman Empire or The House of Hapsburg. His great, great, grandmother Anna was a Jewish Chamber Maid to the Royal Family when Crown Prince Rudolf got her pregnant in 1881 then sent her to Hays Kansas and paid a Michael Gauss a stipend for her and the unborn baby’s accommodation. It’s the family’s linage which made not only Mike, but his two brothers and his mother subjects of alien contact. Mike’s mom had memories of being aboard crafts while pregnant with not only Mike but, his brother Ron also. Mike had shared experiences with these beings with his brother Ron and his brother Rich too.
 Mike is 53 years old, and these events have gone on all of his life. Hopefully, he can help others understand a realm they may have never known existed.

Falling Sky Kindle Edition

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