Neil Gaur ~ 04/14/16 ~ Experiencer’s Network ~ Janet, Karen, Theresa

Neil Gaur ANEILHosts Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J. Morris & Karen Christine Patrick interview guest Neil Gaur on Thursday, April 14, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on the Experiencer’s Network on Aquarian Radio on


In 2002, while studying Business Administration at Cal State University Fullerton, he began researching religion. Through a series of synchronicities and YouTube videos, he came across information on ancient civilizations such as Sumer, Babylon and Atlantis. This information resonated and felt extremely familiar to him.

 After delving far into the conspiracies and awareness of the controlling elite he began to realize the secret, spiritual and
sacred geometrical connection that all this had to do with our purpose on Earth. This led him back to Hinduism and to look at the dharma he was raised with, as well as all other faiths, in an entirely new light. As he researched more about meditation and ancient scriptures he realized the dynamics of the matrix and how it is all inner-connected.

 Neil_GuarIn the years following, he came upon information about ET awareness, our star family, the purpose for existing in duality and where we are heading in the years to come. He realized that we are the starbeings incarnate in human form and understood the vbration and frequency of creation. This sparked a remembrance of his existence in other dimensions and timelines. He is now aware of his purpose and mission in this reality to assist in uplifting the consciousness of humanity.

 Neil dedicates his life to creating conscious gatherings and holding space for awareness, so that we may shift into a higher octave of existence and choose to live in more harmonious paradigm of universal love and oneness. He is a part of the Portal to Ascension team that is now embarking on a world wide mission to take these events across the planet so we may celebrate our oneness, and step into our authenticity, while we remember who we are and why we are here.

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