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alansteinfeld_columnHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guest Alan Steinfeld on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 on KCOR ( from 5:30 to 7:00 PM Eastern time.

Today we discuss extraterrestrials, the evolution of consciousness and multi-dimensional realities.  We continue our ongoing dialogue that we’ve had with Alan in previous interviews and at conferences as we now explore Whitley Streiber and Jeffrey J. Kripal’s new book “The Super Natural” and the new concept of realities and research that’s emerging regarding experiencers and the other realms, worlds, dimensions and types of beings, physical and otherwise we’re dealing with.  Reseachers around the world are converging on the same truths–we are not alone in the universe and our reality as it truly is is much stranger than fiction or anything else we could ever imagine.

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Alan Steinfeld is a Talk Show Host, Paradigm Shifter, Spiritual Event Coordinator, Speaker, Writer, TV Producer, Director, Photographer, Acupuncturist, Author, Esoteric Knowledge Researcher, Spiritual Explorer, Gnostic, Historical Alchemist, Metaphyisical Explorer
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The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained Hardcover – February 2, 2016

Two of today’s maverick authors on anomalous experience present a perception-altering and intellectually thrilling analysis of why the paranormal is real, but radically different from what is conventionally understood.

Whitley Strieber (Communion) and Jeffrey J. Kripal (J. Newton Rayzor professor of religion at Rice University) team up on this unprecedented and intellectually vibrant new framing of inexplicable events and experiences.

Rather than merely document the anomalous, these authors–one the man who popularized alien abduction and the other a renowned scholar and “renegade advocate for including the paranormal in religious studies” (The New York Times)–deliver a fast-paced and exhilarating study of why the supernatural is neither fantasy nor fiction but a vital and authentic aspect of life.

Their suggestion? That all kinds of “impossible” things, from extra-dimensional beings to bilocation to bumps in the night, are not impossible at all: rather,  they are a part of our natural world. But this natural world is immeasurably more weird, more wonderful, and probably more populated than we have so far imagined with our current categories and cultures, which are what really make these things seem “impossible.”

The Super Natural considers that the natural world is actually a “super natural world”–and all we have to do to see this is to change the lenses through which we are looking at it and the languages through which we are presently limiting it. In short: The extraordinary exists if we know how to look at and think about it.

Editorial Reviews


“A cohesive reframing of the ‘pantheon of the unknown’ … A thought-provoking, intelligent reconceptualization of supernatural events.” Kirkus Reviews  

“This book is a dream come true. It has taken thirty years for the most articulate of abductees to be taken seriously by a senior academic. This dialogue between the famous abductee and the historian of religions is the first major step in ufology since Jacques Vallee’s writings of the 1990s. Whitley Strieber’s intelligence and honesty compel one to take his experiences seriously, though they may sweep the philosophical ground from under our feet. In taking up the challenge, Jeffrey Kripal avoids the simplistic reactions of both skeptic and true believer. Instead of pretending to have the answers, he asks mind-bending questions, whose very asking is an act of self-transformation. Their conversation sets off sparks that should rekindle the search after “rejected knowledge,” and integrate it with the great paradigm change of our time: the end of materialism.” –Joscelyn Godwin, Colgate University

“If reading The Super Natural doesn’t make your hair stand straight up, you need to read it again. This book is at once disturbing and disorienting, fascinating and lucid. Its ‘new vision of the unexplained’ dives headfirst into all sorts of strange but true encounters, from ravishing alien goddesses to loathsome blue gremlins. While this domain of human experience remains strictly taboo, it doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of ordinary people from continuing to report bizarre encounters with we know not what. This remarkable book does not attempt to explain what is going on. But it does crack open your head long enough to provide a new perspective.” –Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Supernormal; Entangled Minds; and The Conscious Universe

“Something is happening here, and we’re not sure what it is, but Kripal and Strieber have a clue: if there are aliens among us, they are ourselves, and we seem eager to make contact. This is a brilliant, provocative, and gripping new inquiry into the mysteries of time, space, and the human — and not so human — mind. Absolutely captivating; one could even say I was abducted…” –Gary Lachman, author of The Secret Teachers of the Western World

  “A modern-day descent into the rabbit hole, The Super Natural will blow your mind wide open, overturn beliefs about reality and the imagination, and challenge preconceived notions about life, death, and what falls in-between. Erudite, illuminating, and thoroughly exciting (not to mention quite funny at times), Strieber and Kripal’s collaboration takes a serious look at what many would consider an unserious subject and have written the most thought-provoking and important book on the essence and nature of unexplained phenomena in more than forty years.” –Gary Jansen, author of Holy Ghosts

“Fascination with the UFO phenomenon and with its extreme forms found in ‘abduction’ reports has triggered passionate debates about the nature of the manifestations, the reliability of human testimony, and the unavoidable parallels with initiatory states and certain mystical visions. Yet the ambiguity of the relationship with the creatures involved has remained unresolved. The controversy has reactivated fundamental debates about the role of archetypes, the power of the unconscious, and the transcendental meaning of sex. A novel way to approach the problem emerges in this exceptional book — the product of a dialogue between an articulate experiencer and an erudite historian of religions. In the process we discover that the experiencer is also something of a historian, and the historian confesses he has not been untouched by the experience…What is at stake is nothing less than the nature of our reality, and our ability as humans to grasp levels of perception that are at once so dangerous and so sublime.” –Jacques Vallee, author of Passport to Magonia, Forbidden Science, and Wonders in the Sky

“Practically anything goes at the American Academy of Religion’s annual conference…What was almost impossible to find, at this orgy of intellectual curiosities, was discussion of the paranormal: ESP, premonitions, psychic powers, alien abduction and the like. This is a conference concerned with all sorts of supernatural and metaphysical claims….So why nothing about, say, mental telepathy? That is the question posed by Jeffrey J. Kripal, a professor of religion at Rice University in Houston and a renegade advocate for including the paranormal in religious studies.” –The New York Times

“No matter your beliefs, Strieber’s writing has impact.” –Library Journal

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

This book is about a shamanic postmodern tantra of alien communion.

I loved this book and I was a little disappointed toward the end as well. Basically this book alternates chapters by Whitley Strieber and Jeffery Kripal riffing/reflecting on each other’s thoughts. The subject is primarily Alien contact experiences.

Strieber talks mostly of his own experiences, the development of his though on the experiences and how he relates this to Kripal’s concerns.

Kripal brings different frames that he thinks will enhance the conversation. Many of these frames are implicitly used by Whitley and other writers of anomalous experiences but often implicitly, by making them explicit we gain greater control over the kind of story we make, the kind of study we undertake.

Of the multiple frames Kripal introduced I found the following six most useful:

Comparison “if we collect enough seemingly anecdotal or anomalous experiences from different times and places and place them together on a fair comparative table, we can quickly see that these reports are neither anecdotal nor anomalous. We can see that they are actually common occurrences in the species. They are part of our world. They are ‘natural,’ as we say, even if each of them is also rare with respect to any particular individual, and all of them are ‘super,’ that is, beyond how we presently understand how this natural world works.”

This is basically the first step anyone takes when getting interested in any anomalous/rare experiences, search through history and see how common it is, what variations there are.Read more ›

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Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

What a dialogue! A religious scholar who has studied “super natural” states for decades and a man who has experienced the supernatural for decades combine their wisdom and humor to take a sober look at the truly weird. This is a book for grownups about states of mind & experiences that too few of us ever reach an adequate state of maturity to deal with well. Good job, gentlemen, and I hope that others follow this line of inquiry and take it even further.

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Format: Hardcover

I am a Religious Studies professor whose area of expertise is in Neoplatonism, the intellectual and spiritual expression of Plato’s philosophy that witnessed its most recent flowering in the genius of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalists. The same interest in experiential thinking that drew me to the Neoplatonists also drew me in the early 1990’s to stories of encounters with UFOs, abductions by aliens, and the trauma of the “experiencers.”

I had the good fortune of attending a conference in 1992 organized by MIT physicist David Pritchard and Harvard psychiatrist John Mack where I met literally hundreds of people who had experienced “contact.” Two things I noticed: (1) these were affable and ordinary people and (2) they were also anything but ordinary in that they were remarkably open, intuitive, and sensitive in a way that seemed consistent with people who have had mystical experiences. And they also seemed to carry with them an aura … some kind of mystery and magnetism. Later, after attending one of John Mack’s PEER meetings in the Cambridge Hospital with a philosopher friend of mine, my colleague—a brilliant abstract thinker—said he found the atmosphere and intensity of these “experiencers” to be unbearable. As they shared their stories the room became palpably charged, disorienting, and he was desperate to get out. These experiencers evoked something of the presence they described. Whatever else the UFO phenomenon is, it is certainly a spiritually transforming event and these individuals breathed it.Read more ›

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During the late 1980’s and into the 90’s, there was an unprecedented explosion of what was considered New Age Books, and writings. We collectively learned about reincarnation, chakras, out of body exploration, meditation, yoga, any and all religious philosophy of: thought, history, comparisons, evaluations, etc., as these all were explored in multifaceted ways. We also learned of and read on the UFO experience, and Whitley Strieber was perhaps the leader, albeit not purposely, of this field. His explorations, discoveries, and confessions left not a stone unturned and were in an explicit New Age couching as they reached deeply into all of the aforementioned New Age categories, because of their very marrow.
How this concerns us now is how it effectively distills our collective explorations and brings it to a critical theory where by we can examine our learnings through a lens using a common language and view for which we had not previously.
This is an important book. It is a frontier, and using it to embark forward is where its true power will lay.
I could not recommend this work any more strongly.

About the Author

WHITLEY STRIEBER is one of today’s most influential and bestselling authors of both science fiction and extraordinary fact. He is best known for his groundbreaking memoir Communion, which popularized the alien-abduction thesis, as well as his many bestselling novels, such as The Wolfen and The Hunger. These and other of Strieber’s books have formed the basis for many popular movies, including The Day After Tomorrow.

JEFFREY J. KRIPAL is the J. Newton Rayzor professor of religion at Rice University. He is the author of six books, including Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion, Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred, and Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal.

Alan-Steinfeld_s-e1385160378598 (1)Alan Steinfeld has been the host and producer of the New Realities television show for the past 15 years for Time/Warner television in New York City. In that time he has produced over 2000 interview programs with the leading-edge thinkers, scientists, artists, paradigm shifters and religious leaders from around the world.

From the obscure to the well known, Alan has traveled the world in pursuit of truth, esoteric knowledge, and ancient wisdom. Some of his most well known guests include Deepak Chopra, John Gray, John Anthony West and Ram Dass.

In addition to New Realities he is a writer, producer, director, photographer and acupuncturist.

Alan is the author of the book, Careers in Alternative Medicine, published by Rosen Publishing, now in its third edition.

alan-steinfeld-10102012-40836-pmAlan is a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe. He also studied with Jeffery Yuen, who is the lineage holder of 88 generations of Jade Purity school of Taoism.

Alan is the Director of the narrative film “Never Wear A Dead Man’s Shoes” which is about modern Jewish superstitions. Alan has produced documentaries in India (on spiritual leaders), in Egypt (on ancient temples along the Nile), in Santa Fe (on the healing arts), and in Los Angeles (on dolphin intelligence). He has also directed many non-narratives, which are currently circulating at U.S. and International film festivals, and co-authored the play, Quintessence, a multi media extravaganza that merges the worlds of science, spirituality and art, recently performed at for the Oregon council of the Arts and originally sponsored by the New York State Council of the Arts.

He calls himself a Gnostic, an Aquarian and a historical alchemist. He is a compulsive seeker and an adept of what the ancients called The Great Work. He has a Bachelor of Arts the State University of New York in Buffalo. He loves to travel, but calls Manhattan his home base.

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