Chris Medina ~ 04/01/16 ~ Experiencer’s Network ~ Janet, Karen, John

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick & Rev. John Polk interview psychic medium Chris Medina on the Experiencer’s Network on 04/01/16 on from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Chris Medina-Psychic-MediumChris Medina CM4

I am a natural born Psychic-Medium with Native American ancestry. I provide expert metaphysical services for those in need of direction and or guidance in their life. I utilize my innate ability to connect with people on a true spiritual level to help guide them toward the path they are truly seeking. In essence, helping others help themselves.

I do not generalize when I read and I do not allow information to be given to me beforehand. I absolutely insist on these strict guidelines. It allows me to connect better with a person’s energy and true intention.

I have a very no nonsense approach with my readings and do not promote any type of false hope or ritualistic type practices.  Pure and honest Psychic Readings is what I provide.

It is my purpose and life mission to continue to help those in need of true spiritual guidance and those that want to be heard.

If you are interested in a reading and or rate information, please feel free to contact me at (805) 558-3099. Please visit my website at

Talking Points For Chris Medina by Rev. John Polk

1) I first met Chris and his friend Jay at the Alien Snow Fest in Big Bear, California during a social mixer.

2) I told him the story about the blue Pleiadians I met at the Experiencers Speak 4 conference.

3) He asked me if I wanted a reading. Curiously excited, I replied yes.

4) Later, a number of us, including Chris and Jay, went to Jimmy Church’s hotel room to hang out.

5) Over half the time Chris was in the hallway giving people readings. One in particular that stood out was witnessing John Murphy enter the room after a reading by Chris. He had a look of sheer amazement on his face upon his return immediately following the reading as if it changed his life forever.

6) I have had a number of psychic readings done on me throughout my life. Chris and one other are the only ones who have ever mentioned ET. Is it just me or are most psychics being blocked from seeing ET?

7) If you are comfortable sharing, what is the name of your guide or guides? Are they spirit guides, ET guides or both?

8) When in your life did you realize you had this gift?

9) Tell us about your website.

10) Chris has been to Disney lately which is not far from my home. He plans to return to Orlando in a few weeks. Can you tell about some of the projects that you are working on?

11) Chris recently returned from Chicago. How was your trip?

12) I was telling Chris that my house is haunted. We discussed him possibly coming over to my house some time when he’s in Florida to see what spirits may arise.

13) Do you believe that many, if not most people, have some form of psychic ability even if it’s very little?

14) Name some exercises or techniques that can sharpen or strengthen psychic abilities.

15) Who are some of the best psychics you’ve met and what did you learn from them?

16) Chris insists on having no pre knowledge of the subjects he’s reading. Tell us about this approach.

17) Tell us about your American Indian heritage.

18) Chris prefers the term second sight to clairvoyant or psychic. Can you comment on that?

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