Eugene Braxton ~ 03/24/16 ~ Paranormal People ~ Janet & Karen

Eugene Braxton facebook_1458191174682Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Karen Christine Patrick interview Eugene Braxton on Thursday, March 24, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on Paranormal People on

We’ll cover life, death, life between lives, aliens, extraterrestrials, life review, the death process, the lights and the White Lights, the Controlling Agent in Charge, Spiritual anti matter, God Source and anything and everything else.

Eugene Braxton, American mystic, researcher/writer, lives in Philadelphia.  Throughout his entire life time he has had certain advanced esoteric experiences that have given him knowledge and abilities, that would otherwise take many lifetimes to attain.
Albert Einstein said that all knowledge comes from experience, and he was right. Without learning from experiences, scientists can’t gather the data they need.
When it comes to near-death experiences, however, we’re often left without the necessary information. Those who remember anything usually just recall a flash of light or a faint sound or voice.
But Eugene Braxton could remember almost everything after he nearly drowned in a lake at age fifteen, which followed years of lucid dreams, visions, and other strange encounters.
He’s been honing his skills as a mystic ever since, and he explores amazing experiences that he and others have had – everything from UFO sightings, probable abductions, different levels of consciousness, and more.
Discover insights on the length of time between death and re-consciousness, what happens at the moment of death, why levitation is normal in the afterlife, and the changes your mind and spirit will undergo as you approach and pass through death
Get the forbidden knowledge and hard-to-find research you’ve been craving about near-death experiences, the afterlife, and the union of mysticism and science in America’s Mystic Solves Near-Death Riddle.
quotes from the world authorites
“Dear Mr. Braxton, I appreciate your perspective on your near death experience, grounded as it is in years of prior experience, with out of body visits to other realms, and your interest in helping us with our research…I thank you in advance, for your help with this important research, and look forward with pleasure to meeting you.”
— Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dean of Near Death Research, Director of International Association of Near Death Studies, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Near Death Studies
Eugene, it’s about time you came out with what you know…and good luck with your book it will be important.”
— Dr. P.M.H. Atwater, Female and 3 time Near Death Experience/Bestselling author and Current #1 Near Death World Authority
“I have also heard of this American Mystic, and I have heard that at the age of 15, he was…The World’s Foremost Authority on Levels of Consciousness and Experimental Dream Control”
— Dr. Charles Tart – #1 World Authority in Out of Body Experiences and Levels of Consciousness
“Keep up the good work, Eugene”–
— Dr. David M Jacobs, of Temple University, The #1 World Authority in UFO Research and Alien Abductions
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