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Ty Majestic, Lightwerker 22


 I was born on Earth Day, April 22. I was assigned to this Earth to help you remember the powers that lay dormant within you: psychic ability, clairvoyance, and healing. I was given information by the star people, beings called the Zendarians- those who know. My mission is to connect the dots, marrying the past to the present, and into future times. We lightwerkers are not perfect,  we are all a work in progress.  We are not “know-it-alls”, but teachers and students of life.  We teach through love and light and common sense.

“The well of wisdom never runs dry… come sip.”
             – Ty Majestic, Lightwerker 22

We are here.

We come from all different races and walks of life.
We are 7-million in number.
We are here to teach through love and light, as well as common sense.
We are in the world, but not of it.
We are aware that the human mind has been trapped by the spell of sleep.
We have a mission to free the human mind through light information.
We receive this information from the star family.
We work on behalf of our universal creator.
We are not a religion or a cult.
Lightwerk comes from within, it is what we do.
Ty is on Aquarian Radio from 8-9 pm EDT. His website is www.Lightwerkerz.com and his Twitter is @tymajestic.

We are Lightwerkerz.

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