Lynn Hartrum ~ 03/11/16 ~ Janet Lessin, John Polk, Karen Patrick ~ Experiencer’s Network ~ Aquarian Radio

Lynn-Hartrum-1Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Rev. John Polk & Karen Christine Patrick interview experiencer Lynn Hartrum on Friday, March 10, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM on

Lynn is a Reiki Master, Regressionist, program Coordinator for FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters), and an ET Experiencer. At the beginning of her career she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and worked as a counselor with the intention of going on to get her PhD. After having children however, she decided to be a stay at home mom, which also gave her the time to train in Reiki and Regression Hypnosis, as well as earn some other certifications.

As time went on Lynn began to talk with more and more people about their ET experiences. Lynn realized there is a strong need for help and that her metaphysical training could be used to specialize in working with Experiencers of abduction and ET contact.

Lynn is also currently the Program Coordinator for FREE’s Peer Support Program. In addition to her training, Lynn is claircognizant and an empath, and has learned to work with her multi-dimensional self and concurrent lifetimes.

Talking Points & Questions for Lynn Hartrum

1) How many different Reiki modalities are you trained in? What are they?

2) Explain how becoming a Reiki Master enabled you to see and communicate with ET more effectively.

3) Tell us of your relationship with the Arcturians and Reptilians. How did it all begin?

4) Tell us about Elemental Spirit Healers.

5) Lynn is a regressionist. Tell us about the education required and some of your more interesting regressions you have performed.

6) Lynn is a Program Director for FREE. Speak of your Peer Support Program and some actual accounts of talking with experiencers.

7) I, Rev. John Polk, spent time with Lynn at Experiencers Speak 4. We were talking about how we both had been visited by child like ET’s. Lynn can you elaborate.

8) Experiencers Speak 4, blue people paid us a visit. Lynn saw them. Can you describe what you remember.

9) Tell us of your encounter with your great grandmother when you were 3 years old.

10) Tell us of some of the ET communications you received telepathically.

11) Tell us about waking up with strange bruises.

12) Your father was a colonel in the air force and a division commander at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Tell us of your experiences growing up as a military kid.

13) Dr. Sasha Lessin did a regression on you. Tell us what information came out. Secret Space Program.

14) Meditation helps you connect with the other side. What do you say to yourself or focus on?

15) Last year I told Lynn that I was training myself to see into infrared and ultraviolet light spectrums to see UFOS. Lynn, a few days later, sent me a picture of the exact same red UFO I described to her. Lynn, tell us of this encounter.

16) Speak of your daughters encounters and the pictures she draws.

17) Tell us of your concurrent lifetime as an Arcturian.

18) During a meditation you were visited by a reptilian. Describe that experience.

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