Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremony

Written Thoughts by: Tracy Elise, Oklevueha Native American Church Medicine Woman and Elder Medicine Woman for ONAC Mother Medicine Wheel

Since the beginning of time, Great Spirit has given humans life as the beloved children of Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Our eternal soul “earth walks’ between the Father’s realm of Fire (Sun)  and Air, and the Mother’s domain of Water and Earth.  WE are made of these elements.  They nourish us body, mind and soul.

Holy anointing is a ceremonial practice designed to restore your sense of being fully alive as a soul in a physical body.  This ceremony frees you from feeling ‘stuck’ in an energy grid produced by repetitive tasks and programmed reactions into a new, expanded matrix which accesses the greater web of life force energy.

To “heal” is to “make whole” and to be “whole” with all of Creation is to be “holy”.   Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremonies are found in all of planet Earth’s major religions, especially the Indigenous cultures of the Oklevueha Earthwalks Native American Church.

Oklevueha Native American Church celebrates all life blossoming into being through the weaving of these elemental gifts from Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Our Soul is the “Sol” or “sun” in you, illuminated through Grandfather Sky.  The human body is our great blessing from Mother Earth,  our “Ma – Matter – Mother”.

When these elements of earth, water, fire and air are in balance, we enjoy great health and vitality.  When any one of these elements is lacking, our health suffers, leaving us disconnected from life.  Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremony provide consecrated, prayerful touch which grants immediate restoration and balance.  During and after this ancient ceremony, wholeness is felt throughout our entire being, resonating from the cellular level all the way through our bone, blood, tissue, skin and hair.

Holy Anointing with oils http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anointing, along with Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremonies heal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laying_on_of_hands are traditions recognized by all of planet Earth’s established religions.  Christians know of Mary Magdalene’s anointing of Jesus Christ before His death and resurrection.  The old testament teaches us to anoint to heal the sick and also, as a ritual to dedicate the body, place or object  towards the divine purpose.  In the 5,000 year old Hindu tradition of Ayurveda (“Science of Life”),  the sages of India teach that we should self-anoint with oil in the daily ritual of Abhyanga.

When we access a Medicine Person’ s skill and sacred intent, we enjoy great benefits, including deep physical relaxation, a calm and soul-full center, and a deep letting-go of all that we have held onto which does not contribute to our highest good.  Here in the Americas, Indigenous people continue to live in close harmony with nature, we have not forgotten the ancient gifts from our Mother.

First Nations people realize that humans are ‘one’ with all of Creation, and that we are not separate from Source.  ONAC’s belief in this ‘wholeness’ and a  ‘one-ness’ with all that is contradicts many orthodox doctrines.  Many people have been raised with the concept of original sin, which teaches us that we have fallen away from right relationship with the Great Creator, and that we must control and even deny our body to be closer to God.

This feeling of being separate from Creation and the Creator is the source of much illness, depression and even death in the modern culture.  This programmed separation eventually creates feelings of powerlessness.   We begin to believe that we cannot affect change.   By choosing to partake of a Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremony, we let go of the overwhelming stimulation of the mind and allow the body’s self-healing powers to take over.  During the ceremony, our body restores health through the Mother’s gift of loving touch, natural herbal and flower essences, oils, stones, crystals and sacred waters.

In the Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremony, your Medicine Person will provide:

Conscious loving touch, just as your mother would cradle your infant body, conscious loving touch gives comfort and strength to the body, sacred vessel of our soul.   This hands-on healing can occur entirely clothed, or in a state of original innocence (the nude body as birthed by your Mother).   The degree of covering or nudity is always self-determined by the recipient at the time of the each healing ceremony.

Personalized essential oils are offered for aromatherapy, energy activation, and each plant’s unique medicinal properties. You will be able through conversation with your Medicine Person, and by direct sensory perception (smelling), to chose plant essences from Nature’s own pharmacy.  The Mother has provided thousands of natural herbal cures which help to shift your body back towards it’s own perfected state.

Whole Body Healing is a ceremony designed to take you from a norm of compartmentalization (differing zones of sensation from wearing clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc). to a state of well being and whole-ness.  This protected, connected, infinitely loving experience returns us to the unlimited nourishment of our Mother’s womb.

Holy Anointing  and conscious, loving touch for the entire body allows us to experience our original physical self as the ‘star that we are’.   The human body is a 5 pointed star, which reflects our soul’s heavenly home. Your head and face are the top point of the star, with arms and legs outstretched completing the celestial star body.

ONAC Medicine People use organic, cold pressed ‘food grade’ oils which are warmed before application.  This gentle heat penetrates all layers of the skin.  Your Medicine Person may pre-activate your skin’s sensory receptors through light touch, tantric breath work, plant brushes, silk fabric, fur or feathers, all of which may be used to amplify feeling in the skin, which is the largest single organ in the body.

Warm oil is poured along the limbs, back, torso, hands, feet and neck.  You may or may not chose to have the scalp, face  and ‘third eye’ anointed as well.  Holy Anointing can be a luxurious drenching or a light application, depending on your preference.   Long gliding strokes over limbs and muscles, along with  clockwise circular motions over your joints, chest and abdomen relax the body while opening maximum energy flow.  Clothing-on ceremony focuses on opening and healing the mind by anointing the third eye, heart, hands and feet, all of which are powerful channels of energy flow into the body.

Whole Body Healing may also include far-infrared radiant warm stones, cool stones and various types of crystals.  Technique is not as important as your healer’s heart-mind intention.  Great Spirit intuitively guides an ONAC Medicine Person’s hands.  Much rejuvenation is accomplished through the silent language of body-to-body wisdom.

Holy Anointing is a ceremony of Gratitude, loving touch and prayerful intent.  You will emerge re-connected in mind, body and spirit with your higher self and with Source.   Magnetic energy exchange during your healing generally opens new pathways of flow.  Exhilarating expansion, connection, and empowerment are the fruits of this ritual, permeating both the receiver and the giver of Holy Anointing by the Laying on of Hands Ceremony.


Soul, the “Sol” or sun in you, a gift from the Father Sun.  The Sun is the Son, and so males are associated with light, heat and illumination.

Sacred Vessel is the body, or temple of the soul, and is a gift from the great Mother. Without a body in form, we could not walk this earth.

Anointing is the application of oils to the body of a person who is intent on creating a stronger connection with divine Source.Holy designates that which is recognized by many to be a place, object or person who is consecrated (dedicated with sacred intent) towards strengthening our connection to Source.  This ceremony provides a very different type of divine alignment

Indigenous peoples have always seen the Great Creator in every aspect of nature; stones and crystals, plants and trees, sacred waters and the purifying aspect of smoke and the warmth and illumination of fire.  Our Transformation Chambers contain all of these elements to help make you feel whole at the cellular level; incense, sage, and sweetgrass are burned to carry our intentions upwards to the Father; sacred waters in fountains or ceremonial bowls; candles flicker with the illuminating power of fire and light, and living plants, stones, crystals and herbs help ‘ground’ the body to the earth plane of existence.   You are Self Sovereign, powerful and loving, and created in the image and form