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Photo_Dick LarsonWho is Dick Larson?

• He was a corporate business executive for 20 years before becoming a counselor and an educator.
• He is a volunteer for Share International, a world-wide non-profit educational institution.
• He has been a guest on radio talk shows nationwide, co-hosted a radio program, and produced a series of public access television shows that air around the nation.

What is the source of his information?
• His source is British artist and futurist Benjamin Creme, author of 17 books offering the latest Ageless Wisdom Teachings as well as information about the World Teacher for this age.
• Larson hosted three television interviews with Mr. Creme and has spent time with him discussing the Ageless Wisdom Teachings – an ancient philosophy, not a religion – and the World Teacher.

Who is Benjamin Creme?

• Chief Editor of Share International magazine. The magazine focuses on political, economic, social and spiritual changes now occurring globally and is read in over 70 countries.
• International lecturer and media guest appearing on radio and TV shows since 1980, preparing the way and creating the climate of expectancy that is facilitating Maitreya’s emergence.
• He receives no payment for this work and makes no claims about his own spiritual status.

What is Larson saying?


• Historically, great teachers have appeared at the beginning of each new planetary cycle or age to offer teachings that will stimulate the next evolutionary step for humanity. Examples are Confucius, Krishna, the Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus.
• We are now at the beginning of such a cycle, and the expected teacher for this age—Maitreya—is here now, and has been working largely behind the scenes from his point of focus since July, 1977.
• Maitreya has appeared to thousands of individuals worldwide, and, since December 2009, has been interviewed over two dozen times on a major American TV network and over 100 times in other countries, not yet revealing his true identity.

What are the pertinent facts about the World Teacher, Maitreya?

• He is not here to start a new religion. He is a teacher, guide and counselor for all humanity—for people of all religions or no religion.
• His first priorities are food, housing, medical care and education as basic human rights – and reversing environmental degradation.
• He will ultimately teach us about creating right relationships in all spheres—economic, political, educational, cultural, and social—and about the nature of our true identity as souls in incarnation.
• Maitreya comes to help us in many ways, including the removal of guilt and the fear of death.
What is the context—corroborating evidence—for this story?
• Maitreya predicted the breakup of the Soviet Union and the end of apartheid in South Africa with the release of Nelson Mandela.
• Maitreya promised signs to alert people to his presence, and an increasing number of miracles have been reported worldwide, from healing springs of water to crosses of light, apparitions of the Madonna, crop circles, weeping statues, and star-like luminaries appearing in the sky night and day.

Press Summary: The Story in Brief ~ SHARE INTERNATIONAL ~ P.O. Box 5537  Berkeley, CA 94705  818-785-6300  818-904-9132 (fax)

What hosts are saying about Dick Larson

Oh my gosh! He was an amazing guest…

“Oh my gosh! He was an AMAZING guest and we want to book him for another show!!!”

–Clarissa Vazquez, co-host of “Para-Scope Uncensored”, Live Paranormal (Internet)


Recommend Dick to any interview show…


“Mr. Larson was informative and easy to listen to. He did very well when I would throw a few quips in the conversation, which is my interview style. He was light hearted and stayed on point as I added some color. I would recommend Dick Larson to any interview show host as a fine addition to their line up.”

–Daniel Ott, host of “The Edge Broadcast”, The Edge AM (Internet)


Knowledgeable, insightful, and very entertaining


“Mr. Larson did a TERRIFIC job with the interview. He was knowledgeable, insightful, and very entertaining. He was open to listener questions, and the folks who tuned in enjoyed every minute of the show.”

–Dave Jones, host of “Para-X Radio” (Internet)



 “Thanks for suggesting Dick for my show. He was wonderful.”

–Lorien Fenton, host of “The Fenton Perspective”, Revolutionary Radio (Internet)


Fabulous, articulate, knowledgeable and passionate


“I really appreciated him! He was a fabulous, articulate and welcome guest – I enjoyed our time on air. Knowledgeable and passionate about what he brings forward. I could have went another hour!”

–Rebecca Jernigan, host of “Journeys with Rebecca”, Wolf Spirit Radio & Freedom Slips (Internet)


It was perfect. Perfect!!


“I think the dialogue went beautifully. You picked up the ball and ran with it!! It was perfect. Perfect!! Can’t thank you enough for your magical and deeply inspiring contribution to the show…”

Charlotte Spicer, host of “Spiritual Insights”, Blog Talk Radio (Internet)


Enthralled my 12-year-old son…

 “We always love having Dick Larson as a guest on Para-Scope! One particular note was how enthralled my 12-year-old son was listening to what Dick had to say last night! You could see the hamster running at full-speed, turning the wheels inside his head!”

–Clarissa Vazquez, co-host of “Para-Scope Uncensored”, Hey Z Radio (Internet)




“Very interesting and cordial guest.”

— Jeff Crouere, host of “Ringside Politics”, WGSO-AM


Helps keep a person’s spirit up


 “It is such a pleasure to speak to him. He helps keep a person’s spirit up.”

–Geraldine Ahrens, host of “Area 91,” KQLN-FM


Fantastic guest


“Dick Larson was a fantastic guest.  He speaks with warmth and conviction along with a great sense of humor.  I am interested in having him back as a guest soon.”

–Ralph Lindenberger, host of “Temple of the Infinite Universe” on Blog Talk Radio (1st interview)



Very impressed with the message


“It was a pleasure to do the interview.  My wife and I are very impressed with the message and have signed up on the Share International subscription list.”

–Ralph Lindenberger, host of “Temple of the Infinite Universe” on Blog Talk Radio (2nd interview)


He is great


“He is great, we have had him on many time now and will bring him back in the future.”

–Scott Haire, host and Executive Producer of “Crossing The Void” on Hey Z Radio Network (Internet)



Achieve[s] a relationship between himself and the audience


“Dick is excellent. His thoughts are presented in a ‘common man’ manner, so he comes across as ‘one of us’, making it easier for him to achieve a relationship exchange between himself and the audience.”

–Ron Van Dam, host of “The Ron Van Dam Show”, WXBR-AM (first interview)



Connects well with a younger generation


“Dick Larson is good. I think he connects well with a younger generation. His thoughts seem more feasible to those that are willing to be open as he offers more plausible explanations.” 

–Ron Van Dam, host of “The Ron Van Dam Show”, WXBR-AM (second interview)


Great guest!


“He was a great guest!  I would love to have him back.”

Mark Snider, host of “Revolutionary Radio”, Freedom Slips (Internet)


Conversant and articulate


 “He was excellent. Very conversant and articulate.”

–Chuck Morse, host of “Chuck Morse Speaks”, IRN/USA Radio Network (Internet)

Good speaker and very knowledgeable

 “Dick is an excellent guest. He is a good speaker, and very knowledgeable.”

Mike Quinsey, host of “Connecting the Light,” BBS Radio (Internet)


Very flexible and knowledgeable


“Excellent guest, very flexible and knowledgeable.”

–Barry Eaton, host of “Radio Out There”, Radio Out There (Internet)


It was great

“It was great…I’m going to schedule him to continue with another show.”

–Steve Tatz, host of “Get Over It” on WVLT-AM


Articulate, funny, insightful and inspiring

“Dick Larson is articulate, funny, insightful and inspiring.  I was so enthralled that our interview lasted twice as long as I intended.”

Kinshasha Kambui, host of “Health Notes: From The Heart Of A Natural Woman”, KFAI-FM


Great interview


“It was a great interview.”

–Jenn Royster, host of “The Jenn Royster Show” on WBLQ-AM and Transformation Talk Radio (Internet)



Lively and interesting


“Dick was a very good guest. He was not the least bit defensive when I pushed him on the basis of some of the beliefs he holds. Lively and interesting in a controversial area.”?

–Philip Comella, host of “Conversations Beyond Science and Religion” Web Talk Radio (Internet)



He’s a great guest


“I think he’s a great guest. We had a great interview. Hope we can do it again sometime…”

–Jim Malliard, host of “The Malliard Report” on Pramania Radio



Very knowledgeable


“He was very knowledgeable and made it EASY to understand and was clear in his points. Very good guest.”

–Ginger Leilani Chapin, host of “Conscious Lifestyle Radio” on the Business Radio Network



Amazing, inspiring


“Dick was amazing, inspiring, uplifting, warmhearted.”

–Maarten Horst, host of “ET-First Contact Radio” on BBS Radio



Passion for his work


“Dick was a great guest. His passion for his work comes through during his interviews. We will definitely have him back down the road!”

–Mike Lucas, co-host of “PANG Radio” on Inception Radio Network



A delightful experience


“It was a delightful experience.  Dick seems like the cheerleader for consciousness…liberty for all from limiting reactions.  He was easy to talk to, to hear, and even to interrupt to evoke his natural humor. He knows how wisdom is moving through this planet.”

–Veronica Entwistle, host of “Paradigm Shifters” (BBS Radio)



He looks and sounds educated!


“I have done over 100 interviews and I would say Dick has been the easiest to interview so far.  I really enjoyed our time on camera and we went 1 hour and 5 minutes… and could have done another 2 hours at least.  He looks and sounds educated!”

–Darin Crapo, host of “UFO Planet” (4U2CTV Multimedia Network)



A popular guest with the listeners


“I always love having Dick on the show and he is a popular guest with the listeners.”

–Scott Haire, host of “Crossing the Void” (Hey Z Radio Network)



Spoke with integrity


“Dick Larson is a very good guest, who spoke with integrity.”

–Susanne Taggart, co-host of “The KTPF Radio Show” (Internet)



Topic was very interesting


“It was good. Thank you. He has a good clear voice, conversational (not preachy) and his topic was very interesting.”

–Amy-Rae Rispel, producer of “Overnight Live” on 702 and Cape Talk (Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa)



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