Experiencer’s Network Panel ~ 02/12/16 ~ Janet, John, Karen, Micah, Leslie, Brian, Dave

psychic-paranormal-Third-eye-image-4Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Rev John Polk & Karen Christine Patrick interview Dave Cruz, Leslie Johnson, Micah Hanks & Brian G.G. Bresler from www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio from 7 to 9 PM Eastern time.

8-8:15 EST

Dave Cruz ~ Host “Beyond The Strange” Radio
8-8:30 EST
Leslie Johnson ~ Co-Host “Beyond The Strange” Radio
8:30 – 10:00 Micah Hanks ~ UFO Researcher, Podcaster, Musician, Speaker “Alien Snow Fest”
8:30 – 10:00 “G. G.” AKA  Brian Bresler Experiencer ~ Co-producer “Beyond The Strange” Radio, Musician, Entrepreneur, Attendee “Alien Snow Fest”
Talking Points Questions:
Dave Cruz
1) Tell us about growing up with a religious background in California. Then speak of the family stories about the supernatural, different spiritual warfares, witches, energy healing etc.

2) Your first UFO experience in 1988 and your second in 2015. Describe for us please.
3) Your first and second spiritual experiences. Please give us details.
4) Beyond The Strange Radio – Please tell us about the show.
5) How can people contact you and your show?
6) What’s next for Dave Cruz?
Talking Points Questions:
Leslie Johnson
1) Musical Theatre Major in college. Tell us of those experiences.
2) Producer for Fade To Black. How did you happen upon this opportunity? Tell us about your relationship with Jimmy Church, his wife and producer, Rita and their network.
3) Producer, researcher and co-host for Beyond The Strange. What is a typical day like for you as a producer, researcher, co-host? What’s the best part regarding your work with Dave?
4) Coming soon Co-host, Researcher, Producer for the podcast SHIFT (Strange Happenings Investigations Field Team) with Host Rick Sinnett and Co-host Maurice Sinnett.
5) When is the show slated to start?
6) How is it different from Beyond the Strange?
7) Is your role different with this show? If so, how?
8) Does the show have a website and/or is it under construction? Contact info?
9) What’s next for Les Johnson?
Talking Points Questions:
 Micah Hanks
1) Tell us about working as a radio on-air talent and producer for 6 years.
2) Podcasting since 2011, how did you get into podcasting? What gravitated you in that direction?
3) Tell us about your podcasts, “The Micah Hanks Program,” “The Gralien Report,” and “Middle Theory.” Your collaboration with Jim Harold to produce, “The Paranormal Report.”
4) Speak of some of the more popular TV and radio programs in which you were the featured guest.
5) “The Ghost Rockets,” is one of several books you have authored. Tell us about it and other books, articles and publications you have created.
6) “Mysterious Universe” Tell us of your experiences as a blogger.
7) The “Brown Mountain Lights,” what are they? Are they UFO’s or can they be explained scientifically?
8) Micah was a speaker and co-host of Alien Snow Fest. What were some of the highlights of the weekend for you? Talk about some of the speakers.
9) Are you speaking at Alien Mountain Fest August 19, 20 & 21, 2016. Is it the same line up of speakers or is that still being sorted out?
10) What’s next for Micah Hanks?
11) How does one contact Micah Hanks? Social Media, Websites etc.
12) Micah is an accomplished musician as well. How is it juggling two completely different careers?
Talking Points Questions:
Brian “G. G.” Bresler
1) Born and raised in Houston, Texas, at 21, G. G. moved to Las Angeles fully immersed in the skateboard and music industries. Tell us more to create a backdrop for where you are now.
2) Speak of getting involved with Tao Creative out of Hollywood and Artificial Intelligence.
3) Tell us about AEther Vape.
4) Vaping is a monster industry and is growing exponentially every year. What makes your product different or perhaps better than the competition?
5) How does one contact you regarding Aether Vape? Internet, social media etc.
6) G. G. drove from Austin, Texas to Big Bear Lake, California. Tell us about your journey.
7) I met G. G. at the Alien Snow Fest Conference. What were some of the highlights for you?
8) Who were your favorite speakers and what did you learn from them?
9) Beyond The Strange Radio. Speak of your relationship with Dave and Les and what does your role as producer entail?
10) Will you attend Alien Mountain Fest?
11) What’s next for Brian “G. G.” Bresler? How did you get the nickname G. G. ?
12) Tell us about the 138,138 experiencer story.


Brian Besler G GBio: Brian “G.G.” Bresler ~ producer of Beyond the Strange, Co-Founder of AEther Vape LLC, Audio Engineer & Musician
Born and raised in Houston, TX, Brian, perhaps better known these days as “G.G”, grew up skateboarding & playing music (mostly behind the drum set).
Although he was always fascinated in the paranormal, UFOs, and conspiracy theories alike, this would not come into play until much later in his life.
His two passions of skateboarding & music led him, inevitably, to making the big move to Los Angeles at the age of 21.  Before long, he was fully immersed in both the skateboarding industry & the music industry.
Brian Besler G G 88888unnamedThrough a serious of synchronicities through his connections in these industries, he eventually ended up working with a corporation called Tao Creative in Hollywood that was, at the time, developing artificial intelligence, as well as fully refined 3D without-glasses technology, which, all of these years later, this 3D without-glasses technology still has yet to hit the shelves, due some very strange events & foul play with other corporations who, after having already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in 3D with-glasses, did everything in their power to protect their markets by crippling this corporation in very strange, and sometimes almost unbelievable ways
After witnessing how these major corporations “played ball” behind the scenes, he began to investigate himself, and began to find that many of these people were a part of a very, very small & powerful interconnected circle, of which he discovered a vast majority of these people have very radically occult beliefs about both reality & spirituality.
He started to realize that conspiracy theorists of all sorts were, in fact, indeed on to something all along.
After speaking up about the connection of these theories & what he witnessed, he was, to put it lightly, very strongly suggested to back off.  Which he did for several years.
But he never stopped putting the puzzle pieces together as to how modern society really works, and what the bizarre motivating factors are to those who run this society.
Today, now 27 years old, aside from co-running an E-Juice company called AEther Vape LLC out of Austin, TX, he has now joined Les & Dave of the podcast “Beyond the Strange” as a co-host, as he continues his endless research into: “what the hell is really going on?”
AEther Vape links:
twitter: @AEther_Vape
instagram: AETHER_VAPE_
twitter: @GGRabbit1
Dave Cruz Cropped 20151104_110628BIO: DAVID ‘DAVE’ RICHARD CRUZ

David ‘Dave’ Richard Cruz, Host of “Beyond The Strange”, Weekly Web Radio Show:

Born in Oakland, California, 1970. Moved close to the Napa Valley when 3 yrs old. Grew up and went to school in Northern California. Got a decent education and went to work as an Electrical and Computer Technician. Had a religious upbringing. Growing up, always heard family stories about the Supernatural. Different spiritual warfares, witches, energy healing, and different lore. Always loved Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica). At a young age, I was interested in spiritual activity and the unexplained. Watched In search of… and Ripley’s Believe it or not! also watched “That’s Incredible.”

First UFO experience when I was 18. At a New Years Eve 1988 party when a dark looking vessel with bright light coming out of it was hovering over us on the patio. There was I and a few other friends looking at it when it ascended higher and higher to high for a helicopter but zig zag pattern, unlike an airplane. And no noise at all. Then it zig zagged some more and in one motion, swooshed into the sky and disappeared. We talked about it for days and didn’t see anything in the paper or on the news.

First spiritual activity. Was napping at a Camp Grounds 1994 when I felt something nudging me. I was fully awake with my eyes closed but felt paralyzed like I couldn’t move or open my eyes. It continued to almost push me. Then suddenly it stopped and I was able to open my eyes and move again.

Second UFO sighting early 2015, looked into the sky with family member and saw about 15 to 20 bright red lights hovering in the sky. Was driving to store and then came back to where everybody else was. They, along with passer byers in the street got out of their cars and neighborhood residents came out of their houses and all witnessed the same thing. After a while and more lights came out of nowhere, they hovered for a bit and then what looked like helicopter came into the middle of all this, the lights seemed to dissipate and vanish. The craft with the on bright light also vanished. Never explained or mentioned in the news or anywhere.

Second Spiritual encounter after starting the show. Investigated a nearby Art Gallery that was an old building built in the late 1800’s. It was said to be haunted. First went to visit the place with my wife. 3 story building. When I got to the 2nd floor started feeling sick and out of breath. Came back downstairs and totally went away. Second visit with, Medium Nancy A, came along and verified that there were spirits there and communicated with them.
Created a live weekly web radio show called Beyond The Strange. The shows main platform is to make it for the listener or experiencer and give them a chance to tell their story in detail. Also we have guest and panel shows with informative information. We talk about ghost, UFOs, cryptids, Ancient Civilizations, Conspiracies and anything out of the norm.

Show Title: Beyond The Strange
Time: 6pmPDT/pmEDT
Date: Every Sunday Evening
Platform: Talk/Learning
Topics: UFO’s, Ghost, Paranormal, Cryptids, Ancient Remains
Media: Twitter @strangedays2015 #BStrange , Facebook: Beyond The Strange, Google+ and You Tube Channel: Beyond The Strange , Spreaker: Beyond The Strange and Website is beyondthestrange.com
Contact information: Email beyondthestrange@gmail.com
Skype ID: strangedays2015 Call in Number: 707-200-3520



Leslie Johnson 1 unnamedBorn: Richmond Va. May 19, 1971
Majored in Musical Theatre in College.
Living In Asheville NC.
I’m a (Very Lucky) Producer For Fade To Black. Producer, Researcher, & Co-Host for Beyond The Strange. & coming soon Co-Host, Researcher, & Producer For the Podcast S.H.I.F.T. (Strange Happenings Investigations Field Team) w/Host Rick Sinnett & Co-Host Maurice Sinnett.

Thank You Very Much! For the opportunity to be on Your show, as well as for joining Us on Ours sometime soon!

Yours Very Truly,
Leslie Sims Johnson III.

P.S. Please Call me Les.

Micah-Site-ProfileMicah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, current events, cultural studies, technology, business, philosophy, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades.

“I think my primary goal is to want to help people as much as possible,” Micah says, “and learn as much about our world, and the universe, as I can. I think that sums up my primary goals in life.”

Podcasting became a hobby for Micah in early 2011 after a six-year stint working in radio as a producer and on-air talent. Since then, he has continued to pursue his passion for information-driven talk programming through a variety of podcasts, including The Micah Hanks Programas well as The Gralien Report, a science and unexplained mysteries show, and an “unfiltered” current events podcast, Middle Theorywhich ran until early 2015. He has also collaborated with others such as veteran podcaster Jim Harold to produce The Paranormal Report.

Micah Hawks MH-Site-About-961x1024Information science, as well as learning, productivity, business and economics also rank among Micah’s areas of study. Similarly, the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence, surveillance, and the broadening of human knowledge through the World Wide Web have all become similar areas of focus, which have prompted Micah to interview leading thinkers in the field, such as Benjamin Goertzel, Ph.D. about forecasts for the future of humanity.

Micah has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM with George NooryCaravan to Midnight with John B. Wells, the History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, CNN Radio, and many others. He has also lectured on a variety of subjects, including consciousness studies, technological singularity, aviation history, and historical mysteries.

He is author of several books, including The Ghost Rocketsa survey of drone-like technologies of unexplained origin, reported since the Cold War era; Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds, a book which focuses on continuity between various altered states of consciousness described throughout history; Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past, an historical overview of one of Asheville, North Carolina’s oldest Antebellum homes; and his 2012 New Page Books release, The UFO Singularity, which focuses on purported “exotic” aerial phenomena, and how anecdotal reports of such observations mirror some technological innovations occurring in the present day, along with those expected for tomorrow.

Micah has written as a blogger for sites such as Mysterious Universe for a number of years, and has had numerous articles featured in various journals, newspapers, and magazines.

Hanks has undertaken a number of personal projects involving scientific anomalies, which include a website devoted to the scientific study of anomalous sounds in nature, and another focusing on specific seasonal seismic phenomena. Micah has also been long associated with research into anomalous nocturnal illuminations in nature, akin to what geologists label “earthquake lights”, or which in some cases may bear similarity to the phenomenon known as ball lightning. Purported earth-light phenomena of this sort exist in a variety of locales, including one in western North Carolina known regionally as “The Brown Mountain Lights,” to which Hanks devotes as much time as possible when his schedule, and weather conditions, allow. For an overview of the Brown Mountain Lights that relies of available scientific data, please see Micah’s article here.

When not working on his various research or other projects, Micah enjoys reading books on philosophy, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and history. He also enjoys watching documentaries and theatrical films, particularly in the science fiction genre; it’s no secret among those who know Micah well that he is a devoted fan of Doctor Who, England’s longest-running sci-fi drama.

Micah lives in the heart of Appalachia near Asheville, North Carolina, where he makes a living as a musician, web designer, and writer.

If you have questions, or information you would like to share with Micah, you can email him directly at info@micahhanks.com

Follow Micah on Twitter: @MicahHanks

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