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Born in Oakland, California, 1970. Moved close to the Napa Valley when 3 yrs old. Grew up and went to school in Northern California. Got a decent education and went to work as an Electrical and Computer Technician. Had a religious upbringing. Growing up, always heard family stories about the Supernatural. Different spiritual warfares, witches, energy healing, and different lore. Always loved Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica). At a young age, I was interested in spiritual activity and the unexplained. Watched In search of… and Ripley’s Believe it or not! also watched “That’s Incredible.”


First UFO experience when I was 18. At a New Years Eve 1988 party when a dark looking vessel with bright light coming out of it was hovering over us on the patio. There was I and a few other friends looking at it when it ascended higher and higher to high for a helicopter but zig zag pattern, unlike an airplane. And no noise at all. Then it zig zagged some more and in one motion, swooshed into the sky and disappeared. We talked about it for days and didn’t see anything in the paper or on the news.

First spiritual activity. Was napping at a Camp Grounds 1994 when I felt something nudging me. I was fully awake with my eyes closed but felt paralyzed like I couldn’t move or open my eyes. It continued to almost push me. Then suddenly it stopped and I was able to open my eyes and move again.

Second UFO sighting early 2015, looked into the sky with family member and saw about 15 to 20 bright red lights hovering in the sky. Was driving to store and then came back to where everybody else was. They, along with passer byers in the street got out of their cars and neighborhood residents came out of their houses and all witnessed the same thing. After a while and more lights came out of nowhere, they hovered for a bit and then what looked like helicopter came into the middle of all this, the lights seemed to dissipate and vanish. The craft with the on bright light also vanished. Never explained or mentioned in the news or anywhere.

Second Spiritual encounter after starting the show. Investigated a nearby Art Gallery that was an old building built in the late 1800’s. It was said to be haunted. First went to visit the place with my wife. 3 story building. When I got to the 2nd floor started feeling sick and out of breath. Came back downstairs and totally went away. Second visit with, Medium Nancy A, came along and verified that there were spirits there and communicated with them.
Created a live weekly web radio show called Beyond The Strange. The shows main platform is to make it for the listener or experiencer and give them a chance to tell their story in detail. Also we have guest and panel shows with informative information. We talk about ghost, UFOs, cryptids, Ancient Civilizations, Conspiracies and anything out of the norm.

Show Title: Beyond The Strange
Time: 6pmPDT/pmEDT
Date: Every Sunday Evening
Platform: Talk/Learning
Topics: UFO’s, Ghost, Paranormal, Cryptids, Ancient Remains
Media: Twitter @strangedays2015 #BStrange , Facebook: Beyond The Strange, Google+ and You Tube Channel: Beyond The Strange , Spreaker: Beyond The Strange and Website is beyondthestrange.com
Contact information: Email beyondthestrange@gmail.com
Skype ID: strangedays2015 Call in Number: 707-200-3520

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