We Are Disclosure ~ 02/05/16 ~ Karen, Joshua and Charlotte

Extraterrestrials 23336666 maxresdefaultHosts Karen Christine Patrick interview Charlotte Rose Won and Joshua Kent on “We the Anunnaki” on Friday, February 5, 2016.

“We Are Disclosure” is a series, a philosophical discussion with integrated experiencers sharing their thoughts on the disclosure of the political realm and the disclosure protocol by the visitors that seems to be a pattern of peer-to-peer contact, choosing the path of exposure to gradually acclimate humanity to the reality of a populated galaxy. Our commentators are not new to the story of contact and have had time to reflect on their experiences and share their perspective.

Joshua Kent is described as a “Spiritual Traveler, Mystic, and Rationalist in his late 20’s: Joshua has always been a seeker of Truth. While the workings of the mind have always been an interest of his, having majored in psychology- his true passion lies in where Mysticism and Science meet. Always having a strange predisposition towards philosophy, spirituality, and why none of the religions or mainstream belief systems of earth had the complete package- his journey has always been to lift the Veil and inspire others to do so for themselves.’ Joshua has been a guest on Aquarian Radio and shares his insights.

Charlotte is an experiencer, poet, and has done media work in the area of ET contact and the Annunaki. Blessed with gifts from her Irish and Cherokee heritage, she has also worked on developing what she calls, “The Knowing” as her contact was face-to-face as a child and an an ongoing telepathic connection. In dreams, visions, and through her art, she has made contact through the “innernet” going into the broad internal of thought to delve into questions she’s had through her multi-varied life.

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