Dave Schmidt, Michael Lee Hill ~ 02/10/16 ~ We the Anunnaki

dragon familyHost Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin simultcast with Dave Schmidt as he interviews Michael Lee Hill. Dave’s show is called “The Sedona Connection” (https://thesedonaconnection.wordpress.com/). The Lessin’s broadcast from www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio from 9 to 11 PM Eastern time.

Dave Schmidt and Michael Lee Hill have both been on Aquarian Radio many times.  We continue to connect the dots unveiling information behind the nature of the various factions of the Illuminati and how they play with the hearts, minds and souls of humanity.  Each time researchers, authors, investigators and experiencers meet to share experiences we gain more knowledge and awareness of this fascinating, super complicated interplay.


Feb. 10th, Michael Lee Hill is My Guest on the Radio Program

Michael Lee Hill is a Nephilim, an Annunaki/human hybrid.  His expereince is unique and rare.  Join us on the radio program and bring your questions.

Click Here for the Radio Program, Live at 6pm PT, 9PM ET, or archived anytime.

Call in Number for the Program: 347-852-1424

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