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mimufon-bill-konkoleskyHosts Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick and Rev. John Polk interview Bill Konkolesky on the Experiencer’s Network on on Friday, January 29, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Bill is State Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.

After a lifetime of his own UFO and abduction encounters, he has spent the last two decades actively investigating otherworldly phenomenon, trying to make some sense of the bizarre events that have happened to him personally.  What he has discovered is that the truth is far stranger than even what he first assumed.

Konkolesky is the author of the autobiographical “Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds” and his personal abduction experiences have been chronicled in the SyFy documentary “Abduction Diaries,” DVD documentary “Abducted by Aliens: UFO Encounters of the 4th Kind,” and the ABC news special “UFOs: Seeing is Believing.”

He has also served as consultant to the History Channel’s “Hangar 1” and “UFO Hunters,” as well as the Science Channel’s “Uncovering Aliens” and “Close Encounters.”

Host John Polk met William at the Experiencers Speak conference in Portland, Maine in 2015. He talks about his experiences and MUFON with Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christine Patrick, and Rev. John Polk.

Talking Points and Questions for William Konkolesky Michigan MUFON State Director 1/29/16

1) Tell us about your ET experiences as a child growing up in Michigan. 1973, 1978.
You mentioned the house you grew up in was haunted. Can you share some of those stories with us?

2) Tell us about some of your ET encounters as an adult.

3) In 2009, you published a book entitled, “Experiencer: Raised In Two Worlds”. Tell us about your book and how people can purchase it.
David Twitchell and others gave your book a very favorable review.
4) Your website is impressive. Tell us about your website and the three videos on the home page.

5) What happened during your out of body experiences?

6) What were some of the more profound psychic premonitions you’ve had and how did they all begin?

7) I (John Polk) met Bill at the Experiencers Speak 3 Conference in September of 2014. I had the opportunity to speak with him on multiple occasions. Tell us some of your impressions of that conference.

8) I read some of the blogs on your website. They were all very interesting. A few that stood out were the February 2015 blog about John Podesta and the January 2015 blog regarding Project Blue Book and John Greenewald. Can you comment on these?

9) Can you tell us about your some of the TV shows you’ve been on? DVD Documentaries?

10) In one of the photos you sent us you were at Stone Henge. Tell us about that trip and any other trips you’ve taken to possibly ET created structures or monuments.

11) Are you still communicating with the same ET’s you encountered as a child? How often, when was the last time and what did they tell you? Are you encountering different ET’s as well?

12) At the Experiencers Speak 3 Conference, you spoke of an incredible time loop story that happened in 1995. Can you share that with us?

13) Tell us about some of the more amazing MUFON investigations you’ve been a part of?

14) What is your relationship with Jan Harzan?

15) The Michigan Triangle in Lake Michigan has more disappearances of planes and boats than The Bermuda Triangle. Have you done any investigations regarding the Michigan Triangle, if so tell us about one of the more profound cases?

16) Tell us of some of your speaking engagements. Where and when will you be next? Public library presentations?

17) Tell us about “Filers Files” and “Weird Michigan”.

18) At the Experiencers Speak 3 Conference you gave me a copy of your newsletter. Can you tell us about your newsletter?

William J. Konkolesky

Bill Konkolesky is State Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.

He regularly delivers lectures on the UFO phenomenon in the Detroit Metro area and has also appeared on television, on radio, and in print, sharing his knowledge of and personal accounts with the UFO phenomenon.

Konkolesky is a lifelong experiencer on an ongoing journey of discovery, trying to make some sense of the strange events that have happened to him.

He can be reached at this website’s contact page for presentation requests and other questions and comments.

Presentations Delivered

Pittsburgh UFO Bigfoot Conference (Youngwood, PA)

Chicago Ghost Conference (Chicago, IL)

Butler Paranormal Conference (Butler, PA)

Michigan Paranormal Conference (Westland, MI)

Alien Fest (Ferndale, MI)

Kaiju Festival (Detroit, MI)

Warren Light Center Festival (Warren, PA)

Oakland Community College (Southfield Campus, MI)

Indiana Ghost Trackers Meeting (Michiana, IN)
Mystiques West Metaphysical Center (Westland, MI – various engagements)
Angel House (Otter Lake, MI – various engagements)
Michigan MUFON (Flint, MI – various engagements)

Kiwanis Club of Allen Park (Allen Park, MI)

Kiwanis Club of Dearborn (Dearborn, MI)

Glacier Hills Retirement Community (Ann Arbor, MI)

Prime Time Seniors Program (East Lansing, MI)

Public Library Presentations (Michigan)

Ann Arbor District Library
Auburn Hills Public Library
Brandon Township Public Library

Caroline Kennedy Library Dearborn Heights
Detroit Public Library
Fraser Public Library
Grand Rapids Public Library
Hazel Park Memorial Library
Monroe County Library
Novi Public Library
Romeo District Library
Roseville Public Library
Troy Public Library
Waterford Public Library


UFOs: Seeing Is Believing (Peter Jennings ABC TV Special)
Abduction Diaries (SCI-FI Channel Cable TV)
FOX2 News (Detroit, MI)
News 7&4 (NBC Affiliate WPBN Traverse City, MI)
UFO Hunters (Consultant – History Channel)
Uncovering Aliens (Consultant – Animal Planet)
The Truth Behind UFOs (Consultant – National Geographic Channel)

Public Access TV

We Are Not Alone (Michigan)
Exploring the Psyche (Michigan)
UFOs and Metaphysics (Florida)
Jeannie on the Beat (Michigan)
Kiwanitalk (Michigan)
Delta College Student Video Magazine (Michigan)

Broadcast Radio

Frank Beckmann Show (WJR AM 760 Detroit, MI)
Warren Pierce Show (WJR AM 760 Detroit, MI)
Scott MacFarlane’s Michigan Weekend (Mlive Radio Network)
WCXI Country (AM 1160 Flint, MI)
Exploring the Psyche (WPON AM 1460 Detroit, MI)
We Are Not Alone (WHFR FM 89.3 Dearborn, MI)
The Journal (WHFR FM 89.3 Dearborn, MI)
Adventures Close to Home Show (WCBN FM 88.3 Ann Arbor, MI)

Online Radio

The Jeff Rense Program
The Paracast
The Hickman Report
Ghostly Talk
Tales From Beyond Paranormal Radio
Strange Frequencies
Who Forted? (Video Podcast)
Jeff Rezman Program
Dead Speak
Out There
Unknown Origins Radio
Black Cat Lounge
Enlightening Radio
Infernal Truth
Kate Valentine UFO Show
I Wanna Believe

Newspaper and Magazines

Oakland Press (Interview)
Monroe News (Interview)
Troy Times (Interview)
Roseville/Eastpointe Eastsider (Interview)
MLIVE Michigan (Interview)
Smoking Gun Research Agency Dispatch (Interview)
Grimstone Gazette (Interview)
Journal of Abduction Research (Contribution & My Book Reviewed)
MUFON UFO Journal (Contribution & My Book Reviewed)
Michigan MUFON Newsletter (Contribution)

Book Contributions

“Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds” by William J. Konkolesky
“Filers Files” by George Filer and David Twichell
“Weird Michigan” by Linda Godfrey [true accounts of otherworldly experiences]

What do you do when your childhood monsters are real?

Clips of my contribution to the 2002 documentary “Abduction Diaries” from Naked Eye Productions.

[If clips don’t load, please visit:]

“Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds” – the new book by William J. Konkolesky, Michigan MUFON State Director, is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu!

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased the book, read my blog, and contacted me to share your thoughts and your own experiences! Big thanks as well to all the radio programs who continue to support the book!

“There have been several books dealing with the alien abduction phenomenon but “Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds” stands out for its uncomplicated delivery. Too many alien contactees attempt to mystify, demonize or sanctify the phenomenon; the author of Experiencer simply tells it like it is. William Konkolesky’s earliest encounters with other worldly beings could easily be written off as childhood imagination. However, as he grows up and the visitations continue, intensify and even witnessed (in some cases) by third parties, the skeptic’s case for fantasy soon goes out the window.

The book is well written and to the point. It leaves the door open for a sequel that I, for one, will not want to miss. It demonstrates that the alien abduction experience is probably both extraterrestrial as well as other dimensional in origin. It makes the point that, sometimes, there really are monsters in the closet.”

David E. Twichell
Author of “Global Implications of the UFO Reality” “Filers Files” and “The UFO Jesus Connection”

I live a normal life occasionally interrupted by unusual events.
My very first memory, all the way back to age two, is of the night in 1973 when I was visited by a strange little man with giant gleaming eyes.  This would be only the first of many encounters with very real beings of this kind I would have over the years.  Some of these events were terrifying to the extreme.

Added to this were the out-of-body experiences and psychic premonitions I was experiencing while growing up in a house that, on top of everything else, was also filled with ghost activity.

This is a true story of what a childhood is like under these circumstances.  This was my childhood.  This is my life.

I am an experiencer.

William J. Konkolesky

Contact Bill

(248) 658-UFOS

PO Box 63
Clawson, MI  48017-1258

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