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Matt Nalley Face Cropped Image 2Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Rev. John Polk & Karen Christine Patrick interview Matt Nalley on Experiencer’s Network on Friday, January 22, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time on

Bio: Matt Nalley

I am a 22 year old student at Oklahoma State University, a senior in MIS. I play ice hockey for the school but we play in a laid back men’s league. In high school I won 2 national championships in ice hockey one in 2010 and in one in 2012. I play for fun now.
I’ve been fairly active in the Entrepreneurship program here at OSU. I’ve gone to a couple of start up events which is a great place to meet driven and creative people. I haven’t had a project go the distance but I have made some connections that got me my current job at the App Development Center on campus.


1) Being a senior at Oklahoma State University, from your perspective as a student, doing you believe that younger people are more receptive to the concepts of ET and disclosure than people 10 to 20 plus years older than you and why?

2) Speak of your current job at the App Development Center. What is your job description and how can it play into your future career?

3) What are some of your ideas/concepts for businesses being an eCommerce importing brand?

4) Watching UFO documentaries as a kid, which ones did you enjoy the most and how have they sculpted your current belief systems?

conspiracy (4)5) 911  What can you tell us of the 911 conspiracy that we may or may not already know and how is ET tied into this? How is CMKX Diamonds lawsuit connected to 911?

6) How did you present the Disclosure Project to others and how was it received?

7) Tell us of your alien related dreams and your sleep paralysis experiences. Any other experiences?

8) Speak of knowledge you have gained by studying Corey Goode? How can you best explain screen memories? Corey Goode says they are targeting star seeds and that they are better at clean slating people now. Can you expand upon this statement?

stoner-dog-meme-generator-its-all-a-conspiracy-man-the-government-wants-our-biscuits-man-70b01b_zps9669f5be9) Telepathy. Explain your knack for it and were you born with it or did some divine event in your life gift you with this ability?

10) How did the Steven Greer interview on the Joe Rogan podcast change your life? Please give details.

11) Please cover the following topics:
A) Your CE5 contacts.
B) Free energy.
C) Antigravity.
D) Faster than light travel.
E) Secret government.

12) Explain your crash course which in part touches on the 2001 Disclosure Project, Xcon, and the Citizen Hearing.

white-house-conspiracy13) How are you appropriately tagging the Citizens Hearing and placing it in a proper order?

14) Speak on the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations.

15) Rockefeller Initiative.

16) Operation High Jump and Nazi SSP.

17) Mars.

18) Paul Hellyer.

19) Edgar Mitchell.

New_World_Order__The_Conspiracy_to_Rule_Your_Mind__FREE_MOVIE__12083020) Tell us of Neil Keenan’s Greenlight when it went live.

21) Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers.

22) Tell us about planes over head.

23) What is the significance of Robert Mahew?

24) Explain to us NESARA and its function. What happened to the announcement team?
Financial coup d ‘etat ?

25) Define Twin Flame and how you found yours.

26) Why do you believe that UFOS & ET are drawn to you? How do you ask them to join you?.

I have lots of ideas for businesses one being an eCommerce importing brand, but I haven’t been able to focus on it because of Disclosure. Which is how we found each other.
Matt Nalley 1I’ve always had an interest in aliens and ufo’s ever since I was a kid. I watched ufo documentaries religiously growing up so I guess I’ve always known that there has been something not right about the world. I was in 2nd grade when 9/11 happened and I probably got into 9/11 conspiracies in late high school. In college I really dove into 9/11 conspiracies. There were a couple of people that I could talk about it with, but for the most part people don’t want to go there. I found the Disclosure Project on Reddit around that time as well. There was no doubt in my mind at that point that the ET presence was a reality and it was connected to 9/11. I tried to show a couple people the Disclosure Project but there is always resistance. I can talk a lot about why I think this is.
My life has been really weird. I had a couple of really strange alien related dreams when I was really young and a sleep paralysis experience too when I was older. I read all of Corey Goode’s updates and sometimes I feel like they took me and gave me screen memories. I have scored extremely high on standardized tests like top <1% and it seems I am an intuitive empath. I can see right through people and I have a knack for telepathy. I am a lot younger than Corey and he said that they are a lot better at clean slating people now. He also said they target starseeds. I don’t have any memories or proof if they did take me so I don’t really want to talk on it. It’s more of a personal thing that I’ve only talked about with one person.
dia conspiracyI really got sent down the rabbit hole after I saw this interview of Steven Greer on the Joe Rogan podcast: it’s like I had a switch flipped
I’ve seen all of his stuff. Literally everything. I can talk on free energy, antigravity, faster than light travel, CE5 contact, and the secret government. I’ve had several CE5s which would be cool to talk about.
I’ve seen like every disclosure event now. I went back through them. 2001 Disclosure Project, Xcon, 2007, and now the Citizen Hearing. They are in my crash course:
I am currently cutting up the Citizen Hearing tagging it appropriately and putting it in order. I take notes on what is said and provide links to documents, interviews, and other supporting information. Here is the
I’ve gone through the Secret Space Program Conference 2014. It is wonderful. I can talk about the secret space program and breakaway civilizations. Here is their youtube playlist:
Here are the rest of my twitter threads:
I watch the financial moves on the chess board and I have a pretty good idea about whats going on in the financial world. I was in Neil Keenan’s Greenlight when it went live and I watched the American Firestorm broadcast:
So i know about Drake, Neil, Ben Fulford and the rest of #Faction2 and the Global Collateral Accounts also the AIIB
I get sent info and I have researched the CMKX Diamonds lawsuit, I’m pretty sure it is connected to 9/11.
I have watched quite a bit of the Keshe Foundation knowledge seekers and I have a post on the ambassadors meeting:
My opinion is that it is connected to the Iran Deal and Oil Reset.
I follow @Starseed52 and the Tara and Rama reports. I can’t vet everything they say, but they sure do connect a lot of dots for me.
All of this gives me a pretty good perspective on Geopolitics.
I listened to you on SGRT the other night and thought what you had to say was pretty interesting. I know a little bit about ancient history and texts, but I wouldn’t say it is my strong suit.
I think we would have a lot to talk about.
Nice to connect,
Matt Nalley 3

Joe Rogan Experience #331 – Dr. Steven Greer

Mark McCandlish at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo

Published on Mar 9, 2015
Mark McCandlish at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo


Title: The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel
Zero Point Energy: The power source behind the Secret Space Program and Trump Card of the Break-away Civilization

Run time: 1.29.26 min
Speaker: Mark McCandlish
Produced by: Globalbem, Breakthrough Energy Movement
Language: English


How the back-engineering of off-world technology created powerful leverage for corporations to take over control of world government, establish an internationally-manned, secret space program and break-away civilization.
Based on eye-witness accounts and insider information, Mr. McCandlish takes the audience through a series of revelations as to how remarkable breakthrough technology, may have been back-engineered from recovered or captured off-world vehicles, enabled aerospace and defense-related corporations to hijack control of governments world-wide, create a special access only, secret space program and develop a break-away civilization with its own goals and agenda.


Mark McCandlish is an internationally-recognized artist who has specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries for the better part of the last thirty years, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard.

Mark’s father was a twenty-five year veteran of the United States Air Force and as a consequence, Mark has had a life-long love of aircraft and aviation history. His first UFO sighting occurred at Westover Air Force Base in the State of Massachusetts, in the Winter of 1966 and he observed the craft through an 80 power telescope for about ten minutes before it accelerated out of sight at an extreme velocity. He later discovered that this craft had been hovering above a flight of nuclear-armed Boeing B-52’s sitting on the Alert Ramp of the flight line on base.

Mr. McCandlish has spent most of his life trying to discover the science that would make such incredible performance possible, and he believes there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. Having had literally dozens of sightings since 1966, he feels certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.…

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The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM) is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing

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