Nibiru, Anunnaki and an Ancient Love Story

NINHURSAG_artOn this show we give Ninmah the mike and she discusses her involvement with her brothers, Enki and Enlil and their ongoing triadic relationship. Ninmah has children by both her brothers. Her relationships with her brothers has alienated her from her father, Anu. She’s the primary character at the core of interplanetary politics.
She’s lost political power yet on some level, she’s more powerful than all as she holds in her hands the reins and hearts of the most powerful men, husbands, fathers and sons who rule and run Nibiru, the Earth and the entire solar system. This is part I of an ongoing saga, a tale that continues to this day and affects who rules, when, where and how. The story of the Anunnaki surpasses all others and when history’s revealed through the eyes of Ninmah, a woman who’s far more than a simple Anunnaki Princess from Nibiru, but one of the wisest women in existence and also the creator god and Mother of Humanity.

In light of it all, we wonder what’s taking so long to make her the rightful queen she was always meant to be and let her take her side beside her twin flame beloved Enki, who’s time is now to rule in this golden Age of Aquarius.

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