Insightful Predictions for 2016

the_course_of_nature_by_yv-d5e1eza-koriceA special podcast of voices and music with positive thoughts about the year embarked, 2016.

This show is a special podcast taking a look at “Insightful Predictions for 2016.” Over the holidays various voices that have been on the show in 2015 contributed their thoughts to this theme. The show was put together by host Karen Christine Patrick with the voices of Charlotte Rose Won, Bret Colin Sheppard, Clyde Crisp, Rev. John Polk, Janet and Dr. Sasha Lessin. The music came from the website and featured the music of Chris Zabriskie, Dr. Turtle, P C III, Scott Holmes, Whodiniz, and the music of Pipes Choir that provided the theme song of the show “Dream On.”



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