Dave Schmidt Interviews Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ 01/05/16 on the Sedona Connection

Jan. 6th, Interview with Dr. Sasha Lessin, the Annunaki Expert

Dr. Sasha Lessin is known as the foremost expert on the history of the Annunaki, the ancient alien race that has had the greatest impact on the history of the human race and our world’s history.  The first video is a short introduction to the one hour interview.

In this interview, Dr. Lessin and Dave talk about the history of the Annunaki, how they have impacted the human race, the gold hey came to earth to mine, and their role with the Dragon Family.


If you want to know who really control’s the world’s gold and what is the real source of the GCR, then you will want to listen too this interview.  Dave considers this to be one of the most important programs he has ever done.

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Jan. 3rd, Update on Finances, Workshops, Interviews and More

This week I Interviewed Alex (Sasha) and Janet Lessin, Researchers and Scholars on the History of the Annuanki and the Gold to Fund the Projects and More.

This New Information Will be at the Sedona and Maui Workshops, You Will Not Want to Miss those Events.

All of this week’s info is in the 8 minute video.

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This Week on the Radio Program I am Replaying the Interview with Rob Potter from Dec. 24th

In the radio program, Rob and I discuss the history of the currency exchange and the role of the Dragon Family

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This week I also spent time in Los Angeles visiting family and had dinner with my favorite author Gary Renard of “Disappearance of the Universe.”  We had a wonderful discussion and Gary will be a future guest on the radio program.  I am traveling back to Maui where I will meet with Rob again and also set up a meeting with Alex (Sasha) Lessin, author of “Annunaki Gods No More.”

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