Ken Johnston ~ 01/01/16 ~ Host Karen Christine Patrick ~ Experiencer’s Network

KEN SUIT Ken Johnston came out in 1996 in a National Press Club testimony with Richard Hoagland whose book “Dark Mission” detailed that Ken Johnston witnessed cover ups at NASA of artifacts and ruins on the moon. The archive of Ken Johnston and his extensive collection of NASA photographs and missions reports is coming out to the public, along with his autobiography in a multi-book project series called KEN’S MOON. Johnston’s website where people can get the book is at

In this interview, Ken talks about his experiences in various roles at NASA during the Apollo missions and later on. He talks about incidents of coverup that bothered him to the point where he careully archived photos and reports, waiting for NASA to tell the amazing story of findings on the moon, and that day never came. Several times Johnston has tried to capture the interest of the public to the situation.

Over the years a large cadre of “Anomaly Hunters” developed of people looking and finding odd things on lunar and Mars images that were not covered up by what Ken knew as “strippers” or people who stripped out anomalies in NASA images that worked in the image departments. Bret Colin Sheppard, anomaly hunter and graphic artist and Karen Christine Patrick, editor and anomaly groups admin on facebook are working closely with Ken to get his story, collections and archive out to the public. Ken is a great storyteller and gives us a unique view of the history of space flight.

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