Neal Vanderstelt ~ 12/18/15 ~ Janet, Theresa & Karen on Experiencer’s Network

King-World-News-Alarming-Catalyst-For-The-Coming-Global-Collapse-Will-Shock-The-WorldHost Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J. Morris & Karen Christine Patrick interview Neal Vanderstelt on the Experiencer’s Network on simulcast with from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.
Introduction/Bio ~ Neal Vanderstelt
Neal lives in Arizona and is a researcher on the global economic situation. He has a book, “Global Economic Collapse: The New Dark Ages” which is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. He also has a youtube channel, at Global Economic Collapse and Neal Vanderstelt with some informative videos. He also has an interesting blog

Global Economic Collapse 111222 maxresdefaultOne can be as positive when looking at truthful, but difficult information. The truth sets us free, because now we can face facts as they are and deal responsibly but truth might first piss us off. Many people know somewhat that the economy is stagnant or worsening, at least for everyday people. We have a vigorous re-distribution of wealth, but it’s a “trickle up” to the upper echelons of the pyramid. It’s not exactly something nation-states seem to be able to address because we are now in a global economy, intertwined through central banks, through complex digital systems and unaccountable to the people.
global Economic-crisis 7904599Neal helps us to see various aspects of this situation as well as why politicians, the ones we are seeing on TV everyday going into a US Presidential election, are not going to be able to do anything but make promises and break them as soon as they are elected because our political systems, both “left” and “right” are manipulated through media by the global economic systems machine.
global Economic-crisis kuresel-krizNeal has an interesting term “soft facism” something he is going to write more about in a future book and he will enlighten us on how that functions to keep the people unsure and not united in what to do about all of this.
Neal also has an interest in Mars, is working on a sci-fi book and will talk about planetary exploration and exploitation as well.
Questions & Talking Points: 
  • Could you tell us about your background?
  • What were the inspirations that led to you writing your book about economic collapse?
  • What signs do you see that indicate that we are in serious trouble globally with our financial systems?
  • In America, what political problems do we have that make the economic situation worse?
  • How about ask me if I think the economy is recovering like is reported. Neil’ll talk about the economic statistics.
  • Ask about about the global economy and what impact does the US economy have on the rest of the world.
  • What regions are the most important in the global picture.
  • Talking point – talk about politicians and what can be done to change things.
  • Issues – what’s going on in the Middle East
  • Issues – what’s going on in Europe.
  • China is a major player in the global economic picture.
  • The economy of the US is globally based. A lot of people don’t understand that.
  • We are in an election season, what should be be looking for in candidates that might improve this situation?
  • Is that even possible with our electoral process these days?
  • Your other book is about personal goal setting.
  • How can we make a personal plan and goals to survive in the current global situation we are in?
  • How do you define what is a “goal”?
  • How would you advise somebody how to begin a goal-setting plan?
  • What, do you think, makes people go off their plans or give up?
  • Where can people find out more about your work?
  • A website and books?
  • Email Address?

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