TJ Morris ACO UFO Club “Phenomenology” In Memory of Thomas R. Morris~Friends

Tom Morris original-252822-2529Alien Contact Organization with Theresa J. Morris, Janet Kira Lessin and Diana McClintock we talk about life, death and where we go from here on 12/12/15 simulcast on and

We the people in American Willpower will decide our fate. This is the Age of Transformation. We share the Manifestation of Disclosure! Tonight we discuss “WHERE DO WE GO?” What is Life? Who are we? Does History Matter? We make the future!  Time Travel, Transformation from Life to Death and to Life Again. We share what the “WORD of COMMUNITY” will mean in the future. The ACE Metaphysical Institute will be sharing the growth on the ASCENSION I will post in my ACO UFO CLUB network blogs such as  and I also share on TJ Morris Radio News and ERA

A TRIBUTE MEMORIUM TO MY LATE HUSBAND THOMAS R MORRIS who inspired me to share my world of PHENOMENOLOGY. Friends invited to participate with me to share how we shall proceed in life in the future without my fearless leader on the ground in this world! LIFE AFTER DEATH and BE THE FUTURE NOW discussion! Theresa J Morris HOST!

This is about what is real that we can manifest in our future among team players. We will share our TIME TRAVEL MODALITY!

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