Clyde Crisp ~ Bio

Clyde Crisp Cropped 11065612_10153289490020229_9221364389746936448_nClyde Crisp, Jr. was born in early 1951 and developed interest in science before he was 7 years old. He learned to water ski and enjoy nature from his parents who loved the outdoors . In 1959 he was introduced to model airplanes. This was a hobby he pursued as a designer and participant until 1967 when he and his brother became world champions in the AMA Championships. He won in an event called “Rat Race” with a plane that he had designed and perfected over 5 years. Other interests included photography, space travel, spelunking, audio design and performance, movies, astronomy, chemistry, and two specific television series ” The Twilight Zone “and the “Outer Limits”.

Clyde was involved in Religion beginning in 1968 he became an evangelist, teacher , assistant , and pastor in the Pentecostal Churches . Understanding intelligent design and a keen clyde and treecuriosity for our spiritual nature lead to a healing ministry that has evolved over the years. In 1998 he purchased his first 10,000 hvac colloidal silver “ormus ” generator, this and being introduced to orgonite in 2002 by Don Croft accelerated his progress into understanding quantum physics and a many life-time favorite subject of Alchemistry. By 2004, Clyde had redefined the Don Croft-Karl Weltz use of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone energy. They used a balance of organic and inorganic material to make orgonite.

Beginning to understand the Holographic nature of the Universe lead Clyde to using resin and a quartz crystal to forever change the definition of orgonite. 2005 saw Clyde’s obsession with healing expedited by learning ” Quantum Touch,” a method of energy healing . He became an instructor and has over 2700 clients in his practice. Introduced to mono-atomic gold and ormus in those early years, Clyde studied over 10 years to make his first ORMUS. Ormus is the plural for the word ORME which means Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements. Clyde Crisp currently resides in Texas.


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