Monique Lessan interviews Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ 12/02/15

shades-of-atlantis-anunnaki-largeMonique Lessan, host of Matrix of Perception on Revolution Radio (, Studio A, 8 to 10 PM Eastern time, interviews guests Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin.  On this show we discuss the role of the Anunnaki in human history and the Lessins three books on the subject, “Anunnaki: Gods No More”, “Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods” and “Anunnaki: False Gods.” We also discussed Janet’s experiences as an experiencer and her book, “Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil.”

We had the most interesting conversation connecting the dots from the past through the present.  We covered a wide range of topics and issues from ancient to modern aliens, the Anunnaki, Satanic rituals, missing children and adults and more.

Talking Points and Questions for Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin

Who are the Anunnaki?
Why are the Anunnaki so important?
Where are the Anunnaki from?
Tell us about their history before they came to the Earth?
What led the Anunnaki to Earth?  Why did they come here?
Who are the principal Anunnaki characters we need to pay attention to?
Anunnaki-False-Gods-CoverHow are they related?  Which are most important?
Tell us how they created human beings as a hybrid species
Which Anunnaki were instrumental in the human hybrid program?
What’s Planet X (Nibiru) and how does it affect the solar system?
What happened at the Tower of Babel?
What the true story of Noah’s flood?
What happened at Sodom and Gomorrah?
Did they leave Earth and if so when?
Are some of the Anunnaki still here?
What’s the role of the Anunnaki today?
Who’s in control of the Earth?
What’s the role of other extraterrestrials in human history?



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