Javier Sandavol ~ Bio

Javier Sandavol 12171823_10153674017309518_1115609478_oJavier is an entrepreneur, organizer and promoter. Javier is a Researcher with  ACE Folklife Historical Society and ER ACOP – Education Research Association Community Online Press.  http://eracop.com, http://aliencontact.org, and http://ascensionpsychics.com

Javier owns ET Designs by Javi, and is an ET Experiencer.  He works with TJ Morris Agency as an Event Planner, and organizer. His past experience is in business management with over ten years experience.

Javier Sandavol 11952022_10153565290694518_8002840686734773927_nJavier is mission driven after having an epiphany from his life changing event in 2004.  His creations are inspired by his positivity in energy that comes from his desire to be in service to others.  He is the Co-Founder-Director of  Cosmos Ufology with Theresa J Morris.

He is the master-mind behind all the bilingual events His skills are in business management and social networking. He also does energy transference and works with Ascension Psychics doing Reiki Healing. Javier works well with crystals, and chakra balancing.   Javi is a channeler of information and synergy work.


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