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Glenn Steckling Laughlin 06 R low pixGlenn Steckling, currently 3rd Director of the half century old George Adamski Foundation, one of the oldest, most enduring UFO organizations, represents his 50 + years of family history & experiences concerning the UFO phenomena. This history includes their official activism in Europe & Washington D.C throughout the 1960’s, their pioneering moon anomaly research from the 1970s & 80s, and worldwide media events since. Mr. Steckling’s father, former Director Fred Steckling, and his family, were close friends & selected coworkers of George Adamski, who was considered by many to be “the pioneer” in the early UFO contactee field.

Fred Steckling’s first book, Why Are They Here? Spaceships from Other Worlds, published by Vantage in 1969, remains a classic in the field and discusses his interaction with the Adamski space contacts. His second book of 1981, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon, was one of the first in lunar anomaly investigation, and was revised and expanded into part 2 by Glenn in 1997; now well into its twelfth publication.
Schifferstadt _Linz 66Due to the close association with Adamski & materials directly inherited from Adamski, the late Fred Steckling was adamantly involved in Ufology throughout the 1960’s to remainder of his lifetime. One of the historical originals in this field, he was invited by Dr. Lowman to address a panel of 22 scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Center, and to brief

Colonel Freeman and his staff at the Pentagon, who called the Adamski movies some of the best he had seen in civilian hands.  His appearances included Life with Linkletter, Voice of America, National T.V in Japan and Germany, a 1984 address before a Select Committee of Britain’s House of Lords sponsored by Lord Clancarty, including numerable worldwide lectures & media events related to this subject till his passing. Glenn’s mother who continues to work in the Foundation, and coworker Madeleine Rodeffer, testified before the Senate Space committee.

Glenn Steckling w Dad FF 1989 layerDue to this history and his participation through Adamski & his parents, Glenn Steckling’s involvement with the UFO subject spans nearly his entire lifetime. He has spoken in numerous countries & events during his tenure as Director; continuing to exemplify rational and science; to remind people of the “actual” history behind this subject, and to voice his concerns regarding the imbalances from both within and without the UFO community contributing to an ever increasingly distorted perceptions plaguing the UFO arena. He was responsible for the release of re-mastered original Adamski motion picture films requested by Fox Studios for the digital re-release of the 1951 movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, rare archival Adamski home movie footage, including movie footage of an formation of UFOs taken by his father in 1966 while traveling through Germany by train during his lecture tour. He continues to discuss and share a number of first-generation copies of NASA photographs of the Moon, Mars, the necessity of a vibrant, progressive space program, and verify the validity of these momentous NASA programs and achievements.

Glenn Steckling is a degreed, professional Aviator with over 30 years’ of worldwide flying experience and more than 20,000 hours of flight time. He has had his own unique UFO experiences and remains resolute about the importance of preserving and educating the public regarding accurate historical records, and scientific facts, including the significance of the Adamski legacy.


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