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CelesteYarnallHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris interview Celeste Yarnall on Alien Contact Organization (www.aliencontactorganization.com) on Saturday, October 31, 2015 (Happy Halloween!).


Celeste Yarnall has led a multi-faceted career. She began as a model,spokesperson, and actress fresh out of high school. She was discovered by Rick and Ozzie Nelson while walking past their offices at General Service Studios in Hollywood and appeared in an episode of “Ozzie & Harriet” in 1962. Jerry Lewis personally selected this young beauty casting her as one of the students in “The Nutty Professor.” Paramount then cast her in a cameo role in “A New Kind Of Love” with Paul Newman.

She also appeared with Jack Lemmon in “Under the Yum Yum Tree.” In 1964, she became the last elected Miss Rheingold receiving 20,000,000 votes from her fans. She moved from Los Angeles to New York, and traveled all over the Eastern Seaboard making personal appearances, doing television and radio commercials and print ads as the Rheingold Beer spokesperson. Her career as a top print model and television commercial spokesperson skyrocketed.

– See more at: http://aquarianradio.com/2015/10/31/celeste-yarnall-bio/#sthash.4KPiPl5J.dpuf

  • Celeste Yarnall is a producer and speaker: 90 min. documentary Femme Women Healing the World.
  • What do you share in Femme as a speaker that you want our listeners to know about?
  • (Femme is all about partnership but I share the importance of the pregnant woman and the fetal tissue is sentient you can form a question around that.
  • our new feature film called UNBELIEVABLE is a spoof that has 40 some odd other Star Trek actors in it including the amazing Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura.
  • What character did you play as guest star on the famous episode of Star Trek entitled The Apple?
  • What was it like to co-star with Elvis in Live a Little Love a Little?
  • What don’t we know about Elvis did he have a deeper more “out there” side than we know about?
  • The Art of Wellness includes my acting, producing.
  • The Bemer device “Bemer me up, scotty” tell us about that Celeste isn’t this the company that just signed the deal with NASA to put the Bemer technology in space…what will they do with it?, http://www.artofwellness.bemergroup.com 
  • for Moxxor, http://www.MoxxArt.com an omega 3 from New Zealand,  I serve on their Holistic Advisory board.
  • My husband Nazim’s art work which has the fabulous holistic glaze on the originals and prints on stretched canvas.
  • How cool is to live with the love of your life and his holstic paintings..your home must be a Celestial Gallery??? You bet it is. http://www.NazimArtist.com
  • Why Celeste do you think Patriarchy became the norm instead of as you say the Martrilinial and partnership paradigm?
  • Tell us about a book you love by a friend of yours that has a great deal to say about this and whose work you tie in with the off planet matrilinial DNA source you share in your ancient alien Goddess workshops.
    (Which is “Fathers Seed Mothers Sorrow) by Julia Storehouse.
  • At Contact in the Desert you shared your personal contact story.  Could you please share those stories with us especially the one where you were on the mother ship and with Ninmah .

My beautiful wife Celeste Yarnall, was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in November of 2014. Sometimes ignorance is bliss as we did not know at the time just how devas…

View on www.gofundme.com


View on www.NazimArtist.com

3. My two newest holistic health care for pets books are Paleo Dog (Rodale Press) Paleo Dog: The Book


Paleo Dog: The Book

Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight, and Freedom from Illness by Nuturing his Inner Wolf
 Celeste’s cat book The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, both co-authored with renowned holistic Veterinarian Jean Hofve DVM
4. Ancient Alien Goddesses is Celeste’s blog


And on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AncientAlienGoddesses/?fref=ts

My writing partner Dr. Hofve and I will do this book but first we need to do one on Holistic Cancer Care. I have a FB page by the same name.
5. Celeste will be again this year on the Ancient Alien panel at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton February 19 – 22, 2016    
As you were last year. You had an Ancient Alien Goddesses workshop. You catch Celeste’s contribution in this youtube of the entire panel Ancient Aliens Panel – Conscious Life Expo 2015


Sadly Celeste’s presentations at conscious life for the Goddess workshop and at Contact in the desert in 2014 both had film glitches and they are not recorded in full or properly…

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