Starseed Awakening ~ 09/26/15 ~ Miesha Johnston, Janet Kira and & Dr. Sasha Lessin ~ the Anunnaki & Paranormal Experiences

Internet radio host Miesha Johnston interviewed Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin on Saturday, September 27, 2015 on the Starseed Awakening Show on Revolution Radio ( Studio A on the Anunnaki & Paranormal Experiences.
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For the first part, Part 1, of the audio program above, Janet tells how at eighteen months of age, Masons ritually evoked her spirit and how she stayed connected to the paranormal her whole life.  Extraterrestrials revived her from a brutal rape she suffered at age 4. They fortold her role in helping humanity survive and thrive. The ETs gave her what Campbell calls the Call ot Adventure, that would set her on her hero-journey to win gifts for all humanity.  Janet sees her journey as a protype, example for everyone who wishes to escape, albeit temporarily, from the everyday into the broader context of individual and collective spiritual development.

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 In 1996, a team of Grey Aliens and American soldiers abducted her from her dorm on Johnston Atoll in the Pacific. They took her in a USO to a base under the atoll.  There, twelve-foot Nordic-looking extraterrestrial humans, the Anunnaki, marched with her to a huge female dragon. The Dragon readied Janet to speak for modern feminine Homo sapien aspirations before the Gallactic Federation. The Dragon opened Janet to the consciousness of Ninmah, Mother of Humanity, charged with creating a civilized civilization based on peace, love, and partnership. With this interview, Janet continues commission from the Council to help humanity ascend.  She does so now, sharing her experiences and urging you to share yours.

She now shares the elixer/wisdom she from  of her hero-journey to the nonordinary.  Janet concludes the description of her encounter with the Dragon and the Anunnaki beneath Johnston Atoll.   Future shows will detail Janet’s work as Ninmah’s embodyment in this timespace.

In Part 2 of the radio show, the Lessins relate how long-lived ET Homo sapiens Goliaths from the planet Nibiru mined gold on Earth 400,000 years ago.  300,000 years ago they created Earth-adapted, short-lived mine slaves (that’s us) from their genome.  Nibiran geneticists Ninmah, Enki and Ningishzidda programmed us to transcend their model and the matrix their bosses left in place on Earth.  We called the Nibirans “Anunnaki,” People-from-the-Sky. They made us worship them, call them “gods” and taught us hierarchy, violence, greed, slavery and war. They killed us and ruined their cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms. Most Anunnaki returned to Nibiru but some stayed and they and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day.  We progressed when the Anunnaki gave us cities, roads, ocean-going vessels, kings, taxes, temples, priests, bicameral congresses, historians, festivals, laws, schools, botany, zoology, geography, mathematics, architecture, medicine, psychedelics, theology, language, writing, grammar, library catalogues, medicine, furnaces, kilns, beer, food recipes, art, music, music, dance, writing, record-keeping, colored textiles.  We watched them kill each other to rule; their elite today still kill each other and each others followers. They forced us to use mutually unintelligible languages and scripts. They and their spawn created hostile nations and religions to keep us divided. They addicted us to credit institutions to keep us slaving.  Their divide-and-rule, matrix to this very day makes us deplete resources and pollute our environment. The elite and their ET controllers see that we never feel our unity as a planet of peace. 

When in 1400 BCE King Anu abdicated rule of Nibiru in favor of his grandson Nannar, Earth’s clandestine ruler, Prince Marduk, argued in vein that he should rule Nibiru. He argued that he should have become Nibiru’s legitimate king 450,000 years ago when Anu deposed King Alalu, Anu reneged on his pledge that Marduk would follow Alalu as Nibiran King.  Since Nannar’s succession to Nibiru’s crown, his agents infiltrated Marduk’s clandestine network of secret societies, banking cartels, intelligence services and military and murdered Marduk’s agents to end Marduk’s rule of Earth. Recently, Galzu, who represents a federation of planets concerned with our section of the galaxy, intervened to stop the Anunnaki feuds on Earth.  Galzu mediated the current conflict here between the forces of Nibiru’s King Nannar-Sin and Prince Ra-Marduk over control of Earth’s matrix of control in favor of Enki-Aquarius and his age, upon us now.




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