Liane Gale ~ Bio

LIANE GALELiane Gale always had an independent mind, which not only explains her career choice as a research scientist, but also for making the U.S. her home, moving there after growing up in Germany and some years in England. Then, after decades in academia, life circumstances coupled with an awakening on the grave situation humanity and the planet is facing, she was propelled into activism about five years ago, which she has since pursued essentially full-time.

Initial influences included Positive Psychology, the Zeitgeist Movement, Age of Aquarius, and the books of Charles Eisenstein, which were subsequently expressed in different types of activism, but especially around economic justice and political work. She now focuses her activism on basic income, as she has come to value basic income as a unifying concept and as a first step towards a post-patriarchic and post-capitalistic society.

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