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Peter-Moon-2Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Peter Moon on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B on Sunday, September 13, 2015 from 8 to 10 Eastern time.

Peter Moon is an author and publisher who founded Sky Books, a publishing house whose theme is “Where Science Fiction Meets Reality”.  Peter‘s career as a writer began when he collaborated with Preston Nichols to write “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” which tells the story of secret experiments that occurred on Long Island’s east end at Montauk, New York where the human potential was explored and exploited to the point where time could be manipulated. The publication of this story led to further adventures and publications which caught the attention of Dr. David Anderson, a time control scientist on Long Island who has demonstrated that time can be controlled and has also provided the math and physics to back up his claims.
David brought Peter to Romania in 2008 where he visited the Romanian Sphinx and has investigated other remarkable events surrounding the prospect of time travel which are included in The Transylvania Series, a series of 5 books which are centered around the theme of ancient initiations which took place thousands of years ago and upon which are modern religions are based.  This includes the discovery and opening of a holographic chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx and a time portal in the most sacred part of Transylvania.

Peter Moon has recently released a podcast interview with time control scientist, Dr. David Anderson, the first public interview he has conducted in five years (Podcast #8). Go to this link to hear it:
Peter Moon‘s new book “The White Bat” is now available at  “The White Bat” can also be ordered in ebook format on Kindle, Nook and Itunes.

Peter Moon Bio


Peter Moon was born in San Fernando, California and grew up in both Southern and Northern California. Interested exclusively in athletics in his early years, he became interested in creative writing, science fiction, and science during his high school years. His exploration into these fields, during the 1960s, led to an interest in Eastern Religion and Western Occultism which culminated in a unique career and association that centered around the private concerns of L. Ron Hubbard, a renown science fiction writer who was an accomplished occultist but is also known as the controversial founder of Dianetics and Scientology, a movement which explored the brutal effects of mind control that have been afflicted upon the human race and sought methods to free the human spirit from the confines of the human body.

Peter went out on his own in 1983 and moved to Long Island where his background in dealing with mind control phenomena and spiritual liberation enabled him to forge an association with scientist Preston Nichols, one of the world’s foremost experts in the world on electromagnetic phenomena who had been involved in strange experiments at the Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island which included the manipulation of time. Their collboration in “The Montauk Projct: Experiments in Time” and its subsequent sequels have now reached legendary proportions.

Peter has continued his own investigation into the occult forces behind the Montauk Project and has also collaborated with Dr. David Anderson of the former Time Travel Research Center which has now been reincorporated as the Anderson Institute. After Peter and Preston’s books had been translated into the Romanian language, Dr. Anderson invited Peter to Romania where he has pursued remarkable mysteries beneath the Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains which have been published in “Transylvania Sunrise” by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon. This book concerns the discovery of the most amazing archeological artifact in the history of Mankind, a chamber that contains a holographic record of the Earth’s history as well as holographic readouts of human DNA and also other species. This mysterious chamber also contains tunnels leading to secret locations beneath the Earth as well as other unimaginable technology. These pursuits are currently being followed in “Transylvania Moonrise” and additional sequels to this spectacular story line. Peter currently lives on Long Island, New York.

Peter has also edited Radu Cinamar’s third book which is entitled “Mystery Of Egypt: The First Tunnel” which is about Radu Cinamar’s second visit to the mysterious chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx where he journey through the “first tunnel” with two Americans and three Romanians to a somewhat similar chamber beneath the Giza Plateau in Egypt. This was followed in March 2013 with the release of Radu’s fourth book “The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques” which is about the quantum events that occurred at the same time an ancient parchment was recovered in the inaccessible region of Tibet. This includes the discovery of ancient tunnels of pure gold in the heart of Transylvania at Sarmizegetusa, the spiritual center of the ancient Dacians.


Peter Moon - Sample #2 White Bat Cover #4 May 8These gold tunnels facilitate superconsciousness and Peter Moon visited the area of these tunnels, the Valley of the Golden Thrones, in August 2013. Upon his arrival, he heard that a white bat had just been seen a few days earlier, in a cave that was said to be sacred to Machandi, a blue goddess of the Tibetan tradition who was featured in Radu Cinamar’s second book, Transylvanian Moonrise. Peter Moon was already writing a book entitled “The White Bat” to explain how his 1989 dream of encountering a white bat in Transylvania was predicting his eventual adventures in that country. The full story is now in his latest book “The White Bat – The Alchemy of Writing.”



Particle Accelerator in Transylvania

In May of 2014, I went on a special adventure to Transylvania during which I was to visit the magical Valley of the Golden Thrones which is the most enigmatic and interesting area in Romania (that feature very tight security). To my surprise my visit was coincident with the arrival of the Vice President of the U.S. and the CIA director who were there to pen up the world’s largest particle accelerator (this is discussed in the Summer 2014 issue of the Montauk Pulse newsletter. At long last, I have been forwarded the first news item that suggests the particle accelerator in Transylvania MIGHT be doing. (link is below) I logged into the site in an attempt to respond to the false information in the comments but the architecture of the site would not allow comment. One of the commenters, Ramura, states that he does not “put a lot of credibility around Peter Moon” after previously stating that Dr. David Anderson (according to “Transylvanian Sunrise” and sequels) discovered a time capsule in Romania. THIS IS SO STUPID!

David never claimed to discover a time capsule there nor does the book say so. Seems people who doubt or refute me in this case cannot even present data straight and are VERY confused in what they assert. He gets a response from “Lost” that says “Always good to question if the Montauk types are saying “we’re in on this.” Well…I was going to Romania many times before the particle accelerator was built, and it is true that when I went in May 2014, I arrived just before the Vice President (who opened the accelerator) of the USA as well as an unprecedented huge storm; and it is true that one of my main friends was in charge of security for this endeavor; but THIS IS ALL COINCIDENCE. I was not “in on” anything that was going on. Certain energetic comments were made by my Romanians friends, but this is just observations and speculative ones. Also, Ramura is surprised David has not sued me for using his name.

There is a built in rejection factor which is not unique to him. He should listen to my podcast with David Anderson. These real problem here is that people do not often listen and assimilate data in a fashion that is logical. I don’t know that anything said in the article is true that is presented by Joseph Farrell or if it is some sort of advanced damage control, but it is noteworthy if only for the reasons stated above. It would be nice to have more real information on the TPA (Transylvanian Particle Accelerator).

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Interview with Dr. David Anderson is finally here!!!!!!! (Peter Moon Podcast #8)

Here is the long awaited interview with Dr. David Anderson in six segments (we spoke for about 4 hours, breaks included) that were conducted on June 13, 2015. Once again, it is highly recommended that you listen to Podcast #7 first so that you are familiar with Dr. Anderson and what he is talking about, particularly Podcast #7, Part 3 wherein Light Cones and Closed Timelike Curves are explained. We have also added additional music by Noosa to the fadeouts at the end of each segment. At the end of Segment 3 or PART THREE, you will also hear the full rendition of Noosa’s most popular and best selling song “Walk on By” which is followed by a short interview with Noosa’s lead singer and composer, Sky.

Peter Moon Podcast #8 Interview with Dr. David Anderson (PART ONE) Go to to listen to the podcasts.

Mathematics of Time

The following is a copy of the Montauk Pulse newsletter demonstrating how the laws of physics and mathematics validate the theory and feasibility of time travel. It is based upon the work of Dr. David Anderson, and he has approved it. You can read more about this on his website at, but you should find the following fairly easy to understand. As development of time technology is accelerating at a rapid rate in the secret sector, it is important that the public be informed broadly and as soon as possible. Click on the following:
Summer ’15 Special Academic Edition (of the Montauk Pulse)


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