Kewaunee & Kelly Lapseritis ~ 08/23/15~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

Kewoannee1Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guests Kewaunee Lapseritis and Kelly Lapseritis on Sunday, August 23, 2015 on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Kewaunee Lapseritis, AS, BA, MS, is a Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Master Dowser with background in anthropology, psychology, conservation, and holistic health. His academic degrees are from: Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, Massachusetts; University of New Hampshire—Durham; North Adams State College, in North Adams, Massachusetts, and University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. He also attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Kewaunee taught anthropology for one year at North Adams State College and later taught dowsing and psychic development at the Wisconsin Society for Psychic Research—Milwaukee. As a world authority on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon, he has meticulously researched the subject for the last 55 years. Mr. Lapseritis is also a social scientist and both a Sasquatch and ET “contactee.”

Kelly-Kewaunee-23-340pxKelly Lapseritis is a clairvoyant and contactee for souls of all worlds, dimensions, and levels of consciousness. Her gift of intuition allows her to help both spirits and the living as a spiritual life coach and wellness educator by sharing Universal Truth, Love, and Ancient Wisdom from her guides. She practices natural healing through the use of herbs, energy, and shamanics including crystals and essentials oils. Kelly has been a lifelong experiencer of the paranormal including Extra-terrestrials, Sasquatch People, Angels and Ascended Masters, and other spirits behind the veil. The Sasquatch People introduced her to her husband, Kewaunee Lapseritis MS, MH on 12/12/12, and they married 7/27/14 in Eastern Washington where they now live with her son and their hairy friends and family. Kelly is a co-owner, writer, and editor for Comanche Spirit Publishing alongside her husband. Kelly is currently writing her first book about her experiences with the paranormal and messages from our ancient ancestors and the Earthkeepers which will be published in 2015. –

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The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Connection Kindle Edition

The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection Kindle Edition



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