The Legacy of AR Bordon

The Legacy of AR Bordon
AR Bordon was the mysterious figurehead of a clandestine physics study group called the Life Physics Group, it was most active in the 1980s and 1990s. The participants did not use their real names and utilized unconventional tools for attempting to map out the energetic substrate of reality and to create what they called “The Working Model”. Also, AR Bordon and other members of the LPG participated in joint projects with human/human hybrid/extraterrestrial groups of various kinds. In the years before Bordon’s death in 2013, there was a now-defunct internet forum where new people came in to learn more about “The Working Model” and the writings of AR Bordon and other LPG material. Topics discussed included the coming new physics, extraterrestrial contact, the rise of humanity’s latent psychic abilities and other topics. More can be found elsewhere about this group and about AR Bordon, it’s a complex story.
Although Dr. Bordon passed away in 2013, but many of the people, many high-capacity and intuitive individuals, who got to know each other through Bordon and the forum. Many have stayed in touch and continued to study “Life Physics” curious to explore further the ideas of the LPG and to speculate who humanity is as a species.
AR Bordon also boldly asserted contact with the Annunaki and other ET races, claiming to go off-world to find out what is planned by galactic governance for humanity’s destiny. It becomes apparent to many associated with Bordon that this ET group has an entwined history with earthlings, but that the story is much more complicated than has been told generally. In the end, Bordon was a very complex individual, noted as being difficult to deal with at times even by his friends. However, AR Bordon was able to be a catalyst for forged friendships, working relationships, and the material from the Life Physics Group is compelling enough to continue to stimulate readers to pursue new thinking about life and the cosmos.
Recently, friends of AR Bordon have put together a bookstore so people can obtain books and writings and as Bordon was dying of cancer, he requested that the proceeds from the sales be to support the cause of homelessness.

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