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Rita-Folded-HandsHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guest Dr. Rita Louise on Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 8 to 10 PM on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (www.freedomslips.com), Studio B.

Bestselling author, Dr. Rita Louise is the host of Just Energy Radio and the Founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics. She is the author of the books The ET Chronicles, Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4, Dark Angels and The Power Within as well as hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is also the producer of the videos iKon:  Deconstructing The Archetypes Of The Ancients, The Truth About The Nephilim and Deceit, Lies & Deception: The Reptilian Agenda.  Dr. Rita has appeared on radio and television and has spoken at conferences covering topics such as health and healing, ghosts, intuition, ancient mysteries and the paranormal.

For more information about Dr. Rita please visit http://www.soulhealer.com or listen to her live at http://www.justenergyradio.com.

Web:   www.RitaLouise.com




ET Chronicles:  What Myth And Legend Tells Us About Human Origin

Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods

Dark Angels:  An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities

Avoiding The Cosmic 2×4 (two by four)

The Power Within


iKon: Deconstructing The Archetypes Of The Ancients

Deceit, Lies & Deception: The Reptilian Agenda

The Truth About The Nephilim

Ancient Aliens, Genetic Engineering & The Rise Of Civilization

Interview Questions – ET Chronicles

What inspired you to write ET Chronicles:  What Myth & Legend Tells Us About Human Origin?

In general, what was the focus of your investigation?

As you did your research, did anything surprise you?

When you use the word God or Gods, what do you mean?  / How did you determine that the Gods were not omnipotent?

If the gods are extraterrestrial, where did they come from and how did they get here?

Were you able to uncover why they came here in the first place?

You intimate that we are not the product of creation nor evolution but we were somehow engineered.  How did you reached that conclusion?

Are there any other areas which seem to indicate that “hand of god” was involved with the development of life on this planet?

Many alternative researchers intimate that alien intervention in our past occurred 40 to 100,000 years ago.  How far back in time to you place these myths?

What about the Bible.  Does it have any relevance to what we are talking about today?

Have you discovered any parallels between mythology and modern UFOlogy?

If someone wanted to purchase a copy of ET Chronicles:  What Myth & Legend Tells Us About Human Origin where can they get one?

Interview Questions – iKon

Your film iKon:  Deconstructing The Archetypes Of The Ancients looks at the iconography and artistic style of art and architecture.  What is the difference between the two?

Why did you decide to create the film?  What inspired you?

Why should we look or pay attention to a piece of arts iconography?

How far back in time did we start representing ourselves artistically and symbolically?

How does geographic location fit into all of this?

What can be inferred when we look at these images?

Do the symbols and conventions used in antiquity appear in contemporary art?

Let us turn our attention to artistic style.  Can you provide an example of artistic style that comes from antiquity?

What about the pyramids?  When looked at from this perspective can we learn anything?

As you have reviewed architecture from this perspective has anything jumped out at you?

Taken as a whole, what have we learned?  (Conclusion)

EPIC Voyages with Dr. Rita Louise and Barbara Hand Clow 1/3

The Weapons Of The Gods – Ancient Aliens Documentary – Dr. Rita Louise


Published on Apr 28, 2015
Magical weapons wielded by the gods commonly appear in mythology. The symbol of thunder or a thunderbolt as a tool of destruction surfaces in many ancient civilizations. This thunder-producing weapon is only one example of the enormous number of commonalities found in myth, legend, culture and iconography around the world. Were these weapons real, tangible?


Ikon: Deconstructing The Archetypes Of The Ancients – Preview

Published on Oct 13, 2014
iKon: Deconstructing The Archetypes of the Ancients challenges you to open your mind to a completely new way of thinking of our past, a past that is being hidden from us, yet is right in front of our very eyes. Are you ready to step outside the box of conventional thought?

The Truth About The Nephilim – Dr. Rita Louise 

Published on Jan 15, 2013
Were the Nephilim really the offspring of Sons Of God and the Daughters Of Man? Dr. Rita Louise explores parallel myths about the gods and provides new insights into this ongoing debate.

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