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While I think the 12th Planet series are wonderful, Sasha Lessin’s book is easier to digest. It’s almost like reading a novel, though for the life of me, I can’t seem to find the good guys. What a train wreck these ‘gods’ left our planet and psyches in. No wonder we have continual war and serial killers. Everything less than life-affirming thing we’ve every even thought about doing to each other, these ‘gods’ have already done and on a much great level.If half of this book is true, the god we are taught to worship at the threat of a hell when we die, have set up hell on earth with their petty rivalries. We’re like the pit bulls who tear each other to bits for their entertainment. Any critical reading of the books of history that have been left behind, starting with the Sumerian Text and ending with the Bible, give us a glimpse into the mind of supposedly higher beings who thought nothing of killing thousands of us at a time just to prove some petty point.

Take the example of the term “Jezebel” an unscrupulous woman. The real Jezebel was a descent of Enki and Inanna (a girl who seduced her uncle to gain power) who married a king named Ahab. “She believed that the alliance between Phoenicia and Israel could ‘replace separatism pragmatism replace ideology and trade replace bloodshed . . . When Ahab defeated an Assyrian attack, Elijah, Enlil’s representative in Israel, blamed her(Jezebel) for Ahab’s decision not to sacrifice the captured Assyrian king and his men to Enlil and instead create an alliance with Assyria.”page 156-7.

So a ‘wanton’ woman is one who wants peace and doesn’t want to kill kings and their armies to the local ‘god’ to feed his enormous ego. Or how about Enlil’s other favorite Abraham who’s told to murder his son to show his loyalty to the god Enlil. I always wondered how anyone could worship(work for) a god who asks you to murder your own child. I would have said no thanks.

Throughout this book you see photos of the land after ‘god’ destroyed it(Sodom and Gomorra), drawings of the old cities, and hear our oldest story, the Epic of Gilgimesh explained.

Lessin says that some of these ‘gods’, beings from the planet Nibiru(Hebrew?) stayed on planet earth and are still in charge. That the Nibiru is on its way back causing extreme weather, earthquakes and volcanoes going off, but that’s just crazy talk. All of the current weather extremes are due to global warming caused by our SUVs. Yes, we’re being blamed as usual by a group of beings that had little if any regard for their creations.

Their symbology is everywhere. A winged disk is popular on our cars and motorcycles; the dollar sign is the name Isis over-lapped, the all-seeing eye, because ‘god’ is always watching you, and many other subtle signs the ‘gods’ have left us with.

Regardless of the truth of this tale, we do need to realize that we’re all brothers and sisters on a small planet that needs us to care for it as we would our homes. And only time will tell if this planet of ‘gods’ will make an appearance again in our skies, coming out of the south as legend says. And it’s probably only coincidence that the Vatican has an observatory at the South Pole.

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By James C. Wilkinson on March 1, 2013

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At last– someone who really knows more than “the Establishment”, has put the story of our origins under one roof. This is an enormous wealth of research, study and common sense in a format that anyone can appreciate. When viewed along with the similar findings & conclusions of other alternative history authorities in print, the case made in this book far surpasses, in believability, the drivel we were mis-taught in schools and churches. What a relief to read about our origins as a species and the hidden history of this planet, to have a very comfortable belief in what we are reading; as compared to having to “believe on faith” or because we have to please a “professor” who toes the line to keep a job!! Thank you, Mr.!! Lessin

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WOW, this book really surprised me and is a great addition to my Anunnaki Library!

Published 2 months ago by Deanna H. DeDecker

Very informative, bridging the gap of many concerns relative to who we are and why are we here and what the stories and accounts of the Bible may mean to us. Read more

Published 2 months ago by Vernol Gumbs

on February 7, 2015
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Very informative, bridging the gap of many concerns relative to who we are and why are we here and what the stories and accounts of the Bible may mean to us.

One has to open ones mind to the practices that we are taught and the technologies that shape our lives as no matter how spiritual we may appear to be, the practically of life governs us on this seemingly prison planet of progressive learning and instruction.

I would dare to ask a simple question; Step back from the earth 62miles up and and ask the question “What does the gold in that land was good have to do with the so call making of human-man by an entity, be it an all knowing supreme absolute entity that we confuse as God working in low matters?” Does the Absolute of all who the universe and everything seen and unseen came out of Him decide to make human man; if He did was He doing it the way we are told to teach someone higher than us a lesson or are we someone else s modeled form that the absolute has cautiously intervened into to chart a learning path toward His Glory revealed on our behalf for salvation.
I would like to say so much more but would have to write a book to do so.

One final comment…”Behold the man has become AS one of US is NOT the words of the Absolute Almighty God who knows no evil. Those are words of caution being expressed by a powerful dissatisfied entity posing in the Bible as God.

The Absolute stands alone…This entity would seem like he has a problem becoming like him,,,One of Us in Genesis 3 but in the New Testament we are called to be like Jesus ..hence God.

Quite confusing..Truly he who controls the Pen controls the page and the thinking of the age.

on December 8, 2014
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This book builds what Zechariah Sitchin and other great writers had to say about the Anunnaki. This book helps the readers understand who these really are and their connections to humans and most aspects of our lives – religion, forms of government, science, etc.
on August 22, 2014
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interesting read
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on August 11, 2014
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Concise review of the work of Sitchin. Could use some more editing; however, the meat of the book is right on with the new theories of how we got to be and the history of the earth based on new translations of the old Sumerian texts. I remember reading them when I was in my 20s at college. I found them fascinating then and even moreso now that we know so much more about technology, aeronautics, geology, astronomy, genetics, etc. It is high time that we process the new knowledge and realize that so much of our animosity has been set in motion by these facts of our history. I first recommend that anyone curious about this subject should real all of Z. Sitchin’s work, and then read this as a great little review book. I intend to pursue further reading of the authors and researchers and scholars he mentions in this book.
on July 25, 2014
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Well written and easy to understand
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on July 10, 2014
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Expands on Sitchin’s work. Easier to read and follow. Information on each Anunnaki being such as different names they used in various time periods, what they were known for, jobs if you will, locations, ect. Paints a great picture for even the newbie to follow. Highly recommend for the serious researcher as well as the curious reader.
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This is an illustrated summary of Sitchen’s overall work. If you want to avoid reading all of Sitchen, read this work. Nice illustrations. Helpful as being set forth in a very simplistic manner, so good for beginners.

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