Gordon James Giannianoto ~ Planet X Update ~ 04/23/15

castastrophe_flood-sHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Gordon James Gianninoto on Planet X/Nibiru and the upcoming Earth changes on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

What is Jade Helm? Who’s behind it? Is the United States planning to declare martial law? Is there a giant crack in/near Brazil/Argentina creating fissures near San Diego. Split is going to be from Southern, CA to Arizona. There’s two super gigantic plumes of methane (looks like erupting volcanoes) coming up from the Salton Sea and the 4 corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

Gordon says that he believes Operation Jade Helm is not to start a problem but to solve a problem resulting from these earth changes.  Walmarts are closing. Why?  What’s going on?  What’s behind these huge convoys of trucks that seem to be endless. What are they carrying? Where are they going?

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Google it yourself. Go to youtube.com and watch the videos. Search for Jade Helm, Walmart closings and mysterious truck convoys and you’ll see dozens of videos.  What’s going on?  Anyone with more information please write to us at aquarianradio@gmail.com.  Please put a good description in the subject line. Mahalo.

Major Operation Jade Helm 15 Alert! Walmart Stores close same day same reasons!

Published on Apr 13, 2015
5 plus Walmart stores close today claiming same plumbing issues and same repair timeline! 6 months! All stores in Jade Helm 15 operation zone!

Exclusive Footage Inside ‘Closed Walmart’ In California, Cops Guard Dock and Entrances

Published on Apr 18, 2015
I want to thank Stephanie for the footage, Pictures and info.
She filmed this at the Pico Rivera California Walmart Location That recently Closed for suspicious reasons. Walmart had never contacted the County to get permits for Plumbing work. They have now covered the windows with black tarp, surrounded the place with cops and built a wall up inside so no one can see whats going on past the Pharmacy area. Why would All this be going on for PLUMBING? Plus Cops at the receiving dock at the back!
Questions remain, but thanks to folks out there that share their info to let others know what is Really Going On! Stay Tuned for More!



Published on Oct 27, 2014

Very Unusual Event Caught on Video. RICHMOND, VA — A seemingly endless convoy of semi-trailer trucks — with state police blocking any other vehicles from entering the highway had at least two drivers thinking they were in the “Twilight Zone.” Adam H. and a passenger were driving on Interstate 64 in Richmond VA when he stated seeing at least 30 semi trucks pass by on the opposite side of the highway as he began capturing this unusual scene on video. He’s heard saying: ” Here’s a whole new set of trucks coming up. I want to re-iterate the interstate is blocked off. No incoming traffic,” said his passenger, identified as Joyce O. “This is Interstate 64, Richmond. No idea what’s going on. This is getting more and more bizarre.”

All comments are greatly appreciated! Lets solve this mystery.

– Source: http://ddsdtv.blogspot.com



DENVER — Scientists from across the country are coming together in the Four Corners region in hopes of solving a mystery. Satellite images indicate the air above the region is releasing the largest concentration of methane gas in the country.

The NOAA research center in Boulder is working with NASA and universities across the country in hopes of determining what is behind the leak. NOAA tracks methane levels around the world because of the impact the greenhouse gas can have on climate.

“It holds the heat so much better, 20-100 times better than carbon dioxide,” said Dr. Russell Schnell with NOAA.

Satellite images do a pretty good job of pinpointing where the methane hotspot is. The highest concentration can be found between Durango, Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico, which is why NOAA is flying a special plane between the two cities in order to gather more precise readings.

‘We can see when there`s a peak of methane,” Schnell said. “(The pilot) will press a button and it will grab a sample of that.”

NOAA has already begun analyzing some of the samples taken from the area. So far, tests indicate the methane is coming from natural gas, but with a concentration of oil and gas wells and coal mines in the area more research is needed.

“Every well, every species of gas, every leak has a fingerprint,” Schnell said. “So we can understand where all this material that`s in the atmosphere is coming from.”

Leaks aren’t just bad for the atmosphere, they also mean millions of dollars in losses for the oil companies, meaning everyone hopes scientists can find the answer.

“It’s good for them, it’s good for the atmosphere, it’s good for the country,” Schnell said.

Scientists from several organizations will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss their findings so far. Schnell says they also want to verify the original satellite images, so they will soon have assistance from a Japanese satellite to see if the concentration of methane is still so high.

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