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Adam & Eve Forbidden_fruitHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. interview Glenn Bogue on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B, Sunday, April 19, 2015 from 8 to 10 PM.

On this show we explore the ancient gods of Sumerian, Greek, Roman origins and other cultures and compare them with Biblical and other historical characters and see how they correlate with the Anunnaki. Did the Gods leave? Die off?  Return?  Who are these gods and what’s behind the stories  of the historical Zeus, Jesus, Thoth, Ninmah, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Osiris, Horus and many others?

sistine-eveGlenn Bogue is about to publish the fifth book in his Isis series. He writes:

And so it seems, Michelangelo knew.

In his central panel of the Sistine Chapel, Eve is sexually posed in front of Adam”s hips, but turns to receive instructions or wisdom from a male being, whose lower portion is serpentine.





This is exactly how Isis and Osiris were depicted.







Also this is how Fu Xi and Nu Wa, the almost forgotten founders of Chinese civilization, were depicted as well.

These 2 couples are depicted exactly the same, on opposite sides of the world.






Oracle of Zeus, Dodona

HeZeus and The Woman of Tree (The Athene) with the first Adam.

In a slightly less graphic portrayal, Zeus is depicted at his Oracle in Dodona, Greece, with a fish tale appearing out the rear of his toga, as he stands beside the Woman of the Tree, or DNA, whose lower half is depicted with fish scales. Between them stands the first hominid, fashioned by immaculate conception, genetics.

Note the fish scales on her lower extremities…like Isis and China’s Nu Wa and Sumer’s Ninmah

This Greek link is critical to your assertion in your chpt. 2 that a Satan is an opposing political force. Satan derives from Set Henoch, opponent to Osiris The Black, for the attention of Isis. After Isis resurrects Osiris, she oddly leaves with his assassin Set.

They went first to Jerusalem to confront Enlil (aka YHWH aka Osiris), then on to Arcadia, then back into Jerusalem to marry at Cana.

I (Glenn) conclude EnKi was Set, Jesse, Jesse’s son-in-law Solomon, HeZeus aka Jesus. His consort Ninmah fashioned us. It is so interesting you cite our fingers, lips and tongue, instruments critical to Sacred Sex (note the work of Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin in Hawaii).

T3GB20_ArnolfiniMarriageArnolfini-portrait-mirrorNinmah fashioned Eve to go through the Stargate. This is  the secret staring at us in The Arnolfini Portrait;
part of my unpublished Book V.


Talking points and questions for this show:

1)  Who is this man you (Glenn) met man yesterday who claimed to be Ra Ta, son of Ptah/EnKi (below is the summary)

1A) Adam Weishaupt only tapped into v ancient dark brotherhood,

2) Telos in Mt. Shasta,

3) Winston Shrout and commerce,

4) His friend in Ireland (Brian/Enoch) and Ishnoch (center pt of Ireland, no one keys on Ireland, but it IS the Centre),

5) Lizard invasion and energy sphere entrapping Lemuria (confirming my friend’s story in Oakville),

6) Easter Island…Oestre and Egg are critical concepts….CERN and Easter…my tree image appeared on Easter Saturday

7) Red Dragon, tying Bush to Queen (imp point re Revelation 12)

8) Dark ones key assault at Babel….only a few refer to Bible

9) Rife downloaded his energy

10) Tulum pyramid and crystal skull

11) Law of One

12) Rychkun:  Serve God or BE God…I don t know Rychkun but concept is v accurate

13) Galactic federations….movies prepping us…I was told that by monks from Mt. Shasta who worked for Jesus/Buddha…EnKi.

14) Dark ones changed by attrition, a dying off due to frequency change (like mold v. an essential oil)….Einstein went thru this thinking,

15) Hate is key emotion, not fear as most teach (fear v love)… HeZeus taught forgive enemy.

16) Working stations on Mars/Moon

17) Females taken aboard space ships and impregnated.

18) Shining one = EnKi. Almost no one knows this….Light is correct correlation to shining (most say shining ones were angelic beings)

19) Nostradamus…Ptah…Adam s calendar…egg….Tellinger…EnKi

20) He tied EnKi to a bigger money picture, which I understand to involve name St. Germain, whom I believe is EnKi but I could be wrong.

21) He understood the matrix concepts

22) He was kind, in spirit

23) Who are his cohorts who are the King and Queen of both Lemuria and Atlantis (some claim!)  Let’s tape that session….. (Janet -agreed)

24)  Mark called EnKi the shining one. This is rare knowledge, that Enki appeared to Eve as Ha Nachash, THE Shining One – Question: Why is Enki called the Shining One?

25) Watch

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