ET Contactee Janet Kira Lessin Tells Alfred Webre, “Utopia’s Coming” ~ 02/06/15


In the youtube below, Janet Kira Lessin, who wrote “Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil,” shares her life-long interaction in the dimensional ecology with interdimensional, extraterrestrial, and spiritual beings in the afterlife . She levitated in her crib as a baby, participated in Anunnaki ET breeding programs and is contacted on an ongoing basis with ETs who tell her, “You are going to do something very important for humanity.”

Janet relates her latest recent experience as a representative from Earth to an Interdimensional Council meeting, with 100,000 representatives of other bipedal intelligent civilizations. She confirms that Earth is entering a period of multi-dimensional interaction with Interdimensional civilizations along a positive timeline.

Janet invites other extraterrestrial, interdimensional, near-death,paranormal, pastlife, and abductee experiencers to join her in Ray Hernandez’ FREE–Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial encounters on facebook where you can contact a trained, supportive facilitator, meet other contactees and decipher the contribution you have for humanity. Or contact Janet directly at

Comments Janet has received:

From A:

Hi Janet,

I just finished watching your 2 hour coming out video about your life story and experiences.
I wanted to say “THANK YOU” for finding the courage to do this.
You are kick starting the moment we’ve all been waiting for.
There are sooooo many people out there who have the knowing … the feeling inside of them.   You are becoming one those beings who came to you in moments of despairs and filed you with hope and love and glipses of the future… that convinced you to keep going with your life/mission.     You are one of those beings for me,  sharing what you shared, and especially the final minutes of your video, where you say the hell with 2017,  lets make it 2015 … it FILLS me resolve,  love and hope.
Keep doing what your doing.
Lets bring the wall down this year ! 
Love and Light

From J:

Just watched your interview with Alfred Webre and my goodness, you’ve had a alot to handle. We are the same age and your mention of becoming sexualized at a young age hit me because I felt that as well. The sexualization of young girls is rampant now which makes me so angry.

What struck me about you was your seemingly easy recall of your past events without rancor. I imagine you have done alot of work regarding your experiences and should be proud. You speak with confidence which I appreciate.

Thank you for relating your view of the future, what you have been shown, etc. It comforts me.

I meditate 2X a day for the healing of all I know and this beautiful planet. I volunteer at the county jail and their lives have touched me so much. I mention this because I want you to know that we are out here and you have touched this one today in an edifying way.


Janet Kira Lessin – Don’t Mention the Reptilians

Published on Jan 26, 2015
An excerpt from the upcoming documentary DON’T MENTION THE REPTILIANS. In this clip Janet Kira Lessin, experiencer, researcher and author, describes an encounter with what she describes as a dragon.

From Janet:

The dragon I encountered is the Mother, like the being at the end of the movie “Ender’s Game”. She is ancient, as old as time itself and her consort roams the skies, the heavens, space, which is alive with beings, like the oceans of our worlds. She is connected, like bees in a hive, to all her children, telepathically.

We have reptilian DNA as exhibited by the reptilian brain in our human bodies, so she is our Mother and we are her children. She loves all of us. She is not attached to the form our consciousness decides to inhabit in order to experience existence. We change forms all the time and simultaneously exist on many planets in many dimensions and vibratory frequencies.

We are awakening to the awareness of our eternal selves. Our ego selves perceive a limited range and perspective in order to effectively immerse ourselves in the process of living lives and in these lives co-create with GodSource that which is necessary for our survival and happiness.

Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil Paperback – May 31, 2014 by Janet Kira Lessin (Author)

Souls dance through time constantly changing relationship dymanics while eternally entwined. The web of tantra weaves through existence and all beings and all relationships. Kira reflects on her continual stream of lives through time and multi-dimensions, from third dimensional physicality to Oneness and her connection to Source, all that there is and every will be and all beings.

The Dance of the Souls is the story of the existence of that essence of Source and all that it has seen, done, been, experienced, influenced, affected and all whom have interacted with that soul since the first thought and the realization that I am that I am. We only get to dance for a short while. Our lives are brief, but a moment in time. We are born, live, die, here one moment, gone the next, in the blink of an eye, a twinkle in time.

Yet, the dance of the souls is eternal. We flow, ebb and tide, weave the threads of our lives, our existence, essence itself in the never-ending dance of relationships. We constantly change roles and partners like an old-fashioned country square dance. We go round and round, lifetime after lifetime. We are parent/child, husband/wife, brother/sister, mother/father, friend/foe, lover/enemy, hero/villain, boss/employee, master/slave, perpetrator/victim, maimer/maimed, killer/killed over and over throughout eternity. Life’s not limited to life here on Earth, human forms, planets, dimensions, solar systems, galaxies or vibratory frequencies. We can be anywhere. In many ways we are everywhere all at once.

In the “Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil,” author Janet Kira Lessin explores one soul’s existence, her own, as she travels through eternity and interacts with her twin flame and souls mates, those with whom she has shared and interacted with since the beginning, shaping and forming all elements of reality. Together they create it all, the play is performed and they are it all – stage, script, writer, producer, director, actor, lights, camera, action. Their dance creates experiences, diversity, emotions and all that encompasses life and existence itself. In the course of co-creation souls eventually become conscious and realize their oneness, that they are eternally connected and the I that is me that is we is the I that I am that is all that I am.

The story’s auto-biographical, not limited to one life, inclusive of all spanning billions of years to the dawn of the creation of the Earth herself. I, the author tell it all, bare my soul for if the tale is not told now, then when? How can I possibly have ever lived if I am not somewhere in time truthful with what life has been? Just because what I have experienced is outside the traditional box, does not invalidate it or make it less than other existences which were more “normal” and conformed to traditional expectations of what life should be.

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