Merrell Fankhauser, Grant Cameron ~ 01/25/15 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio

merrellrockinsurfinHosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Merrell Fankhauser & Grant Cameron on Sunday, January 25, 2015 on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, Studio B from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.

Sasha and I have interviewed Grant and Merrell on previous shows and during our interview they both brought up the book called Alien Rock.  So I thought it would be a great idea to have them both come on our show to share stories. We also hope Cameron will tell us more about what he’s uncovered about Presidents, UFOs and extraterrestrials. Merrell’s recorded a new album featuring sounds from the underwater base in Malibu.  Cameron’s involved with the Disclosure Project.  This promises to be a very interesting show.

Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection Paperback – July 26, 2005 ~ by Michael Luckman (Author)

From Elvis to the Beatles, from Michael Jackson to Marilyn Manson, rock stars claim to have seen, communed with, been inspired by, and sometimes even descended from extraterrestrials. Alien Rock is an irreverent, illuminating, all-access pass to the stars’ unearthly encounters–some friendly, some frightening, and some frankly bizarre, including:
• The birth of Elvis was marked by the appearance of a mysterious blue light over his house.
• In August 1974, John Lennon spied a UFO from the window of the penthouse he shared with then-girlfriend, May Pang.
• Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull encountered a luminous cigar-shaped mothership while camping in the English countryside in 1968.
• Jimi Hendrix told a friend, “I am a spiritual messenger, sent here from another place.”
Whether you’re a UFO skeptic or a true believer, Alien Rock provides a fascinating new perspective on the long, strange trip that is rock ‘n’ roll history, and suggests that, wherever the road takes us, we may not be traveling alone.

Calling from a Star Paperback – September 2, 2014 by Merrell Fankhauser (Author)

Merrell Fankhauser has led one of the most diverse and interesting careers in music. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and moved to California when he was 13 years old. Merrell went on to become one of the innovators of surf music and psychedelic folk rock. His travels from Hollywood to his 15-year jungle experience on the island of Maui have been documented in numerous music books and magazines in the United States and Europe. Merrell has gained legendary international status throughout the field of rock music; his credits include over 250 songs published and released. He is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and unique guitar player whose sound has delighted listeners for over 35 years. This extraordinary book tells a unique story of one of the founding fathers of surf rock, who went on to play in a succession of progressive and psychedelic bands and to meet some of the greatest names in the business, including Captain Beefheart, Randy California, The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean…. and there is even a run in with the notorious Manson family.

0359 Merrell Fankhauser - Signals from Malibu.inddMerrell Wayne Fankhauser (born December 23, 1943, Louisville, Kentucky, United States) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist, who was most active in the 1960s and 1970s with bands including the Impacts, Merrell & the Exiles, HMS Bounty, Fankhauser-Cassidy Band, and MU. In addition, 12 songs recorded by Merrell & the Exiles were later released under the group name Fapardokly, even though that group never actually existed.

After moving to San Luis Obispo, California in his teens, he began playing guitar, and got his first break playing in movie theaters and talent shows. In 1960, after one of these shows, he joined a local band The Impacts as lead guitarist. Their Ventures-influenced sound developed a strong following at the start of the surfing scene.[citation needed] In 1962, they recorded an album which was later released, without the band’s knowledge, by Del-Fi Records, and which included a tune “Wipe Out” which Fankhauser suggested later provided the (uncredited) basis of the hit by the Surfaris, although his view is contested.[1]

Fankhauser left the band and moved to Lancaster, California. There he met Jeff Cotton (later of Captain Beefheart‘s Magic Band), and in 1964 they formed The Exiles.[2] The band – which also included John “Drumbo” French – had some regional success with songs including “Can’t We Get Along”, but then broke up. Fankhauser moved back to the coast, formed a new band, Merrell and the Xiles, and had a minor hit with “Tomorrow’s Girl” in 1967. An album followed which included old Exiles songs and newer psych folk material. For the album the band was credited as Fapardokly, taking its name from the surnames of the original members – Fankhauser, Dan Parrish (bass), Bill Dodd (guitar) and Dick Lee of The Brymers[3] (drums).

Despite its later cult acclaim, the album was not a success. Fankhauser and Dodd then formed another, more overtly psychedelic, band with Jack Jordan (bass) and Larry Meyers (drums), naming it HMS Bounty. They won a recording contract with Uni Records, and their self-titled album was released in 1968, followed by the single “Tampa Run”. However, success was again thwarted, by personal and record company problems, and the band split up.

Reuniting with Jeff Cotton in 1970, Fankhauser then formed MU. In 1971, their first album was released and became a radio hit. Increasingly fascinated by legends of the lost continent of Mu, Fankhauser then relocated to the Hawaiian island of Maui in February 1973. Material for a second MU album was recorded on Maui in 1974, but not released until the 1980s on the two LPs The Last Album (Appaloosa, Italy 1981) and Children Of The Rainbow (Blue Form, US 1985). Mu disbanded in 1975. Fankhauser recorded a solo album, Maui (1976), before returning to California in the late 1970s. All his 1970s recordings have been reissued repeatedly in the CD format.

Fankhauser continued to record, occasionally with friends including John Cipollina and more recently Ed Cassidy of Spirit in The Fankhauser Cassidy Band,[4] as well as producing new surf albums credited to The Impacts. Fankhauser has also produced radio and TV shows such as his long-running Tiki Lounge.[5]

Grant Cameron Biography

Grant CameronGrant Cameron became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star.  The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of other people sighted objects at the same time during a prolonged flap of sightings.

Over the next 18 months he had many sightings of large objects and small (monitor) objects in the area. He spent countless days in the area photographing a series of strange objects and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were involved.

After composing a manuscript about the flap, he moved on to research the work of the late Wilbert B. Smith. Smith headed up the Canadian government flying saucer investigation known as Project Magnet which ran from 1950 to 1954. During two decades of work on Smith, Cameron was able to collect most of Smith’s files and material written. He interviewed most of the associates around Smith who worked on the flying saucer investigation. He has produced a CD-Rom data disk that hold most of the documents from the Smith files, along with 12 hours of audio related to Smith’s work.

In the past few years Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 25+ trips to the National Archives and most of the various Presidential archives looking for presidential UFO material.  One highlight his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-president Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject. Another highlight of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton administration. Many of these findings have been written up on The Presidents UFO Website

He has lectured widely in Canada, Europe, and the United States on the 1975 Carman flap, the Canadian government’s early investigations into flying saucers, UFO disclosure politics, the Rockefeller UFO Initiative, and the Presidential UFO connection. In September 2005 he was denied access to the United States to lecture on UFOs and why the government has chosen to withhold the truth. At present Cameron is sorting through almost 100 FOIA requests from the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, related to the UFO related actions and policies inside the two Presidential terms of Bill Clinton. They show that the Clinton administration was very interested in the pheneomena and actually tried to force out some of the hidden information to the public.

Hyperspace 12-02-2014

Published on Dec 2, 2014
Solaris BlueRaven interviews legend Merrell Fankhauser. In the early 60s, Merrell led the instrumental surf group The Impacts who had a hit with their album titled”WIPE OUT”, which was reissued in 1994 on Del Fi Records in the United States and in 1995 on Repertoire Records in Germany.

Merrell has a new CD out called Signals from Malibu and Messages from the Dome. His new book “Calling From A Star” The Merrell Fankhauser Story, will be available at and other online sources Monday Dec. 1st, later in select stores and ‘E’ book !

Grant Cameron Speaks on Consciousness with Elizabeth Trutwin

Caravan To Midnight – Episode 108 Explore The Outer Limits of Space with Grant Cameron

Merrell Fankhauser – On Our Way To Hana

Uploaded on Mar 31, 2008
Merrell and his Maui Band Shot on the Island of Maui in 1982.The song was originally released on Merrells 1976 Maui Album and later on the CD Reissue.The Lyrics tell the story of seeing two silver saucers while driving the long and winding road though the jungle to the village of Hana.

Merrell Fankhauser – Calling From A Star

Uploaded on Oct 27, 2006
Shot in 1978 on 16 mm film high atop Haleakala Crater on the island of Maui. Gary Malabar of Steve Millers band plays drums and Peter Noone sings backup with Merrell.

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