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From Emily:

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HYPOTHESIS:  Nothing happens in the socio-sphere by accident. And wars do not exist for nothing, financed by nobody.First, you have to find out the history that your schoolbooks never revealed.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IsTLyjPzTU . . . and it ain’t pretty.

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret – Dr Bill Warner (FULL video)

While a Pope and Archbishop are sermonizing about human rights issues, preferences and gender options–Members of Islam are being evangelized and USED by mercenary covert ops for another prophetic jihad rampage, to take over Northern Europe and Western Culture, to take over people who do not and will not consent to rapacious, savage ways against women and children in violent rebuke of any other “Faith.”  “Convert or die”  “Convert or be beheaded” is the methodology of the Jihad.  But it only takes a small minority in a huge body of intimidated charismatic faithful, to create international chaos (for profits and prophets).The Apocalypse demands that an anti-Christ–whose behavior is the direct antithesis of Christian behavior–propagate hatred and violence for some invisible purpose and create a “soul harvest.”  This same cycle has been repeated in one Earth civilization after the other, over time and millennia.

Islam was engineered by the Vatican in the 7th century at the behest of  secret societies for the political purpose of [anti-christ] “rendering cultures” wherever self-governance actually threatened the power and autonomy of the Annunaki (Babylonian) money system, time-after-time.

That system, being based mathematically on the fiat-debt ponzi scheme, naturally exhausts itself when debt consolidates among the poor, equities by the rich and there is no Law-ful and regular Jubilee to relieve debt pressure. When numerical bankruptcy approaches, wars are then financed to the effect that autonomous and self-reliant populations are liquidated so bankster scum can start afresh and anew on smaller populations of the sheeple mentality.  This is why middle and intelligentsia classes are those deemed worthy of jihad annihilation without mercy.  “Convert or be beheaded.”

Islam is a Charismatic tradition, without secular or humanistic intellectual roots.  Islam is financed, ruled  and riled by covert elements in the communication media business to narrate terrorist random attacks for intellectual [and Occult] predators–the same ones who offer financing for wars, for Ego-conquest  and “harvesting” of populations belonging to the ideology of “free will,” “free thought,” and “free minds.” Fourteen hundred years of history shows that Islam is THE tool of “the dark side” of Charisma. The Age of Reason has no place in it and history shows, there is no attempt to discuss or analyze its cruel methods by powerful classes, castes, academia or even the monarchs themselves.

–Who is leading the Muslim Brotherhood? USA
–Who is financing serial wars for money profits (and prophets)?  USA
–Who signed Treaties with ETs in 1954 and 2006?  USA
–Who operates by non-disclosure, secrecy, classified information, compartmentalisation, need-2-know rather than by freedom of information and truth?  USA
–What psychological mechanisms (Tavistock & Stanford Research International, CIA & MI-6) feed the Islamic JIHAD?  UK and USA
–Who have demonstrated covert operations, false flag op after false flag op since the Indian Removal Act of 1834 and the sinking of the Main at turn of the 20th century. USA
–For whom does USA do this work?  Mossad?  ISIS is a US defense contractor, as Al Qaeda was.  CIA is a Mossad agency, as MI-6 is.

WHY?  If you look at Teachings of Islam, they are the antithesis of the Golden Rule, the antithesis of “Live and Let Live,” the antithesis of moral sobriety, reason and compassion for innocence. So, at present violence and savagery are carried out under ET Treaties (Greada and TauNine) in the name of the Anti-CHRIST religion, Islam, the puppet for Other (ET?) interests [in human genocide]. ETs “eat,” “capture,” and experiment on human souls, is what the USA agreed to allow to occur under the Greada Treaty with ETs.

Moreover, the Pope of Rome and the Archbishop of Canterbury stand silent as lambs against what Islamic repression is–an outrage against human rights and against the Teachings of Christ and the Love of our Creator God. These religious leaders whine, bemoan and rebuke any and every other form of human sin besides and except the savagery of Islamic Jihad.

Monarchs strut and parade and exhort and award and dignify every helpless format of human achievement except that of confronting conflicts of interest, ideological genocide and ET conquest by psychic trickery.  Scientism is mum, not a word of comfort or relief from corporate attack strategies ever leave their lips or texts.  Science is silent about ET treaties and technologies that ET Treaties have showered upon mankind . . . in return for human suffering.  The numbers of disappeared and “taken” run into the millions at this point.

While Globalists gloat and play dumb, while globalists parade their wealth and promise a lock-down society of humans numbered like cattle, aren’t there any Common Laws in favor of human rights that may be invoked to put a halt to this historical (hysterical) and repetitive genocidal pattern?

Is HUMAN LAW itself simply impotent against evil men who hoard resources they can use against the rest of us?

Is it really okay for entities or individuals to glory in top-down, high-tech murder, destruction and ruination of human society, with no recourse on the part of Humanity as a whole?

Please advise.

My father was King of England; and as his daughter, I have to ask, WHO the HELL is ruling and ruining this planet?  Corporations and Banks.

You guys–Pope, Archbishop, Monarchs, Institutes, think-tanks and war-financiers all in it FOR YOURSELVES.  Enough is enough.  Get out.

From Robert:

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More from Emily:

Ishmael was Abraham’s first son, but not by his wife, Sarah.At the time of the covenant, God informed Abraham that his wife Sarah would give birth to a son, which he was instructed to name Isaac. God told Abraham that He would establish his covenant through Isaac, and when Abraham inquired as to Ishmael’s role, God answers that Ishmael has been blessed and that He “will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.” (Genesis 17)

Ishmael became the father of Arab nations, all of whom had the psychic gifts of the Annunaki LINE.


Isaac’s genealogy can be followed down to King David of Israel, down through King Zephaniah, whose daughters Teah Tephi and Sophia established the (Judean David Line in Ireland in 583BC, which became the line of British Kings, of which my father was a part.

NOT CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM, Ashkanazis.  However, the original Jewish Line was scattered to Babylon in 586BC, and in about 1000AD Y’hudey Ashkenaz, lit. “The Jews of Germany”),[12] are a Jewish ethnic division that coalesced in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the 1st millennium.[13] The traditional language of Ashkenazi Jews consisted of various dialects of Yiddish.

The most detailed genetic analysis study so far was published in September 2014 by Shai Carmon and his team at Columbia University. The results of the study show that today’s appr. 10 million Ashkenazi Jews descend from a population of only 350 individuals who lived about 600–800 years ago.[25] That population is derived from “an even mix of European and Middle Eastern ancestral populations”.[26]

so Israel today is dominated by NON-Hebrew Jews, not of the original Twelve Tribes. These people do not have the annunaki gifts of prescience, telepathy, clair audience and clair voyance, as the Children of Abraham do, so they are highly secular in their orientation.

By contrast, the British have retained psychic and Occult skills, as Monarchs in Britain, and they utilize deceit as Annunaki to dominate, but according to the skills and ways of Enki, not those of Enlil [development and evolution of law].

ILLUSTRATIONS:  The Kingdom of David is NOT in Israel, which is not a nation OF THE BLOODLINE OF ABRAHAM, its leadership Ashkanazi.  It’s in Britain, because the Windsor Family IS of the Tribe of Judah, line of Abraham, the true Hebrews.

This is why the Queen’s default to the EU is so egregious.  My father was to begin his reign in 1936, but he was deposed by treachery.

Honest to God, I don’t make this stuff UP.

Chart 150123Abraham

Chart 150123Ashkanazi




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